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Pallet Exchange System (PÖS)

Do you regularly send pallets with DHL Freight within Sweden? Then join our pallet exchange system for domestic transports within Sweden - PÖS.

How the PÖS Works

In PÖS we control the flow of Europe pallets (EUR) with regards to transports between sender and recipient. For this to work both parties need to be members. As a member, you pay a fixed fee per pallet movement or a percentage of the sum we have charged you for transports, and you receive an invoice each month.

You must make sure that the Europe pallets you buy, repair and put into PÖS meet the standards according to Swedish Standard UIC 435-2 utg 8.

Information about the Europe pallet can be found on the website of the Swedish Standards Institute and, with regard to imported wooden packing materials, on the Swedish Agricultural Ministry website.

Det Norske Veritas Certification AB are in charge of certifying EUR pallets in Sweden. Manufacturers and repairers are also certified by DNV. Read more about DNV on their website

Rules about correct packaging of goods, handling etc. can be found in our packaging instructions and the product specific terms and conditions available on our website.

Pallet Debt

On the 15th and the last day of each month, a current balance statement is sent to the email address provided to pallet administration.

Customers who have a pallet debt can settle the debt no later than the 20th of the month following the pallet transaction by returning the corresponding number of approved EUR pallets to DHL Freight (Sweden) AB.

The Customer is responsible for booking the collection of EUR pallets in good time via the customer portal  and the collection is free of charge.

If the customer has not settled the debt by returning the corresponding EUR pallet, the debt is settled by debit. This takes place the month after the pallet transaction (current price 165 SEK/pallet).

Information on the current balance can be found via the customer portal:

Membership Application

Apply to join by filling in our online PÖS application form

Terms and Conditions