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Enabling Electrification

We are driving automotive electrification by powering sustainable battery and EV logistics

DHL is driving Auto-Mobility’s electrification, providing practical, cost-efficient solutions throughout the supply chain from component sourcing to vehicle delivery. By establishing Centers of Excellence and specialist Auto-Mobility teams around the world, we’ve become leaders in EV innovation.

Our EV Auto-Mobility Solutions are: 

Safe, Secure and Compliant

Environmentally Sustainable

Driven by Analytics

Fully Modular

Cost Efficient

Continuously Evolving

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Electrification and EV Logistics Solutions for Auto-Mobility

At DHL we are relentless in our drive to enable electrification for the Auto-Mobility sector. We add to your competitive edge by providing world-leading logistics solutions to keep our customers ahead of the curve.

We have set up EV logistics Centers of Excellence around the world supported by teams of specialists that have been trained to move hazardous goods and EV batteries. Our services include:

End-to-End Enablement

From sourcing components and delivering finished electric vehicles to improving aftersales support and providing reverse logistics for batteries, we have the expertise and infrastructure to take over and provide fully modular end-to-end logistics solutions for the Auto-Mobility sector.

Battery Logistics

Your EV battery logistics partner with a proven track record in transporting lithium-ion electric vehicle batteries, DHL enables every stage of the process. From electric vehicle manufacturing and aftersales to battery recycling and disposal, we are here to support you and keep you moving.

EV Components Sourcing

We are well positioned to help source electric vehicle components and materials for the Auto-Mobility sector, increasing supply chain resilience, and performance, along with the assurance of supplier diversity, unit visibility, cost savings, and parts dependability.

Safety Management and Compliance

We support our clients with electric vehicle and EV battery regulations guidance and management to ensure product security and regulation compliance. Our expertise in establishing supply chain visibility and shipment tracking can help you build a reliable Auto-Mobility logistics network.


Automation, smart monitoring, optimized storage, and other high-potential technologies are supporting advanced warehousing solutions focused on safety and sustainability. These are ideal for electric vehicle components and were specifically designed for EV batteries.

Finished Vehicle Delivery

Through a collaborative approach to finished electric vehicle logistics, DHL has established processes for transportation planning and carrier management, optimized automotive inventories, and data-driven transportation administration to get the right vehicle to the right location on time.

The EV TV Initiative

Created by DHL for the Auto-Mobility sector, this series looks at all aspects of electric vehicle technology and logistics, from EV battery production to the impact of electrification on the environment. Programs are available as videos or podcasts.

Explore Our EV Logistics Case Studies

We are committed to Enabling Electrification across the Auto-Mobility Sector. Take a look at our Auto-Mobility case studies below to see our solutions in action. Review more Auto-Mobility case studies