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EV TV is here to explore the EV future and discover what is evolving in the world of electric vehicles 2020 to 2050. This series of electric vehicle videos will look at all aspects of EV technology, myths, and logistics. We will investigate electric vehicle range, batteries, benefits and how this will all impact the environment.  We will be releasing new videos and podcasts monthly, so join us on our journey as we discover how the future is electric. 

Episode 3: EV Battery Technology

Future Innovations

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Episode 3

EV Battery Technology: Future Innovations

Can you imagine a car that can drive 1000km on a single charge while costing less to run than half of what a tank of petrol costs today?  The heart of an electric vehicle is the battery, and these are evolving faster than anyone thought possible.  From smart EV battery extenders to futuristic quantum glass batteries - the possibilities seem amazing.  Companies are striving to reduce size, weight, cost and the use of controversial substances such as cobalt and lithium.  This programme digs deep into the science behind new electric vehicle battery technology and makes predictions about what we can expect to see over the next two decades from 10-year guarantees to 10-minute recharging.  Join us for this, the third in our series of DHL EVTV programmes.

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Episode 1: Our EnvironmentEpisode 1: Our Environment

In the first episode of EV TV, we look at electric cars, pros & cons and how they impact our environment. We explore innovations in electric car technology and bust some myths about electricity production and carbon emissions.

Episode 2: EV Battery Life Span & LifecyclesEpisode 2: EV Battery Life Span & Lifecycles

Finding the power to drive is a key challenge of the EV industry.  That means better, cleaner and more powerful batteries. We look at the use of lithium batteries, EV battery replacement, lifespan and ask are electric vehicles the future? 

Get involved in EV TV

Team EV is always looking for experts and contributors to help tell the EV story. If you would like to find out more or get involved, please get in touch. 

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