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Transport Solutions 

Intelligent transport for competitive advantage powered by DHL Supply Chain

Our integrated end-to-end transport solution provides network synergies and aggregation opportunities. Whether you need to outsource your entire transportation function or gain short-notice access to additional capacity, we can manage your domestic international ground transport requirements, offering you total control and visibility of your flow of goods.

Flexible, Scalable and Resilient

The optimal mix of dedicated and shared resources, utilizing the world’s largest transport network, will ensure your goods flow seamlessly and fluctuations in demand are accommodated.

Safe, Reliable and Compliant

Get your goods on the road safely with an award-winning transport operation, world class compliance and high security standards.



Value Through Data

Our Transport Management System collects data to inform your business decisions and provides real-time metrics to give you full visibility and control.

Environmentally Responsible

Supporting innovation in transport solutions, we drive towards a more sustainable future.



Specific Services and Capabilities

Transport Networks for cartons and pallets
  • Inbound and outbound dedicated metropolitan and nationwide specialist network places us in a strong position to service our customers’ cartons and pallets volume, offering an end-to-end pickup and delivery to distribution centre, retail and wholesale stores (B2B), and final mile delivery (B2C)
  • Nationwide road freight for courier, general and express delivery
  • Direct Linehaul for Full truck load (FTL) and Less than truck Load (LTL) as well as East to West Rail services for bulk or pallet movement
  • Planning and optimized execution of materials collections from suppliers
  • Synchronized delivery to manufacturing sites or warehouses
Dedicated Transport Solutions

Our transport solution is a dedicated fleet and tailored solution designed to the customer’s (B2B) and their customer's needs (B2C), including:

  • Standalone sites and transport assets to service customers’ businesses. 
  • Full services include inbound container processing, warehouse management, primary & secondary distribution, last mile logistics, order management, planning & scheduling, inventory management, permanent route fleets and network optimisation
  • Sector transport specialist for Retail, Consumer, Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing and Life Science & Health Care
Specialist Capabilities
  • Hubs and cross dock management – moving cargo between from vehicles with minimal or no warehousing
  • Transportation of high value and bulky goods
  • Cold Chain fleet dedicated for pharmaceutical transport operations to wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies, maintaining temperature control
  • Resilient, sustainable and cost effective for a wide range of Value add Solutions including Dangerous goods, Controlled returns, Home delivery & install and Next Flight delivery
Connected Control Towers

Our Connected Control Towers (CCT) are the brains of the transport operation. They:

  • Oversee every step of the process for more efficient, automated and transparent operations from order receipt to shipment delivery
  • Create visibility and optimize transport flows by centralizing management activities 
  • Facilitate a large range of network and customer requirements 

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