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DELIVERING NEXT LEVEL HEALTHCARE Orchestration & Inventory Optimization: End-to-end coordination, visibility and optimization #WeCare

Many factors are driving additional complexity into Life Sciences and Healthcare supply chains, which is challenging to manage without compromising service or cost. Concurrently a diversified supply chain means more distributed stockholdings to serve the increasing number and variety of end-user locations, making it harder to maintain inventory control.

At DHL we are here to help. Through our orchestration solutions, we provide a holistic supply chain management approach, efficiently coordinating end-to-end operations, incorporating new connections, service providers and delivery modes.

In addition, our Inventory Optimization expertise and solutions cover all aspects, from full network design to visibility and reporting solutions, helping to cut inventory holding costs without compromising security of supply.  

Supply Chain Orchestration & Inventory Optimization Capabilities

Leveraging expertise in Supply Chain Orchestration from across industry sectors, DHL has the capability and infrastructure to ensure the coordination of your global supply chain, getting treatments and products to those that need them most whilst using Inventory Optimization to help control costs and maintain secure supply to your customers.  

DHL Supply Chain Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) service

Our LLP product offers a fully managed service for your global supply chain. With tiered service offering from ‘visibility only’ to ‘bespoke’, DHL LLP provides end-to-end supply chain design, operation, visibility and optimization across all of your logistics service providers.

DHL Global Forwarding Centers of Operational Excellence

DHL Center of Operational Excellence solution enables coordination and control of the inbound-to-manufacturing flows as well as the outbound-to-market flows to distribution centers and affiliate air and ocean freight shipments.

DHL Express Quality Control & Account management Centers

Global Quality Control & Account Management Centers for World Medical Express proactively manage and control goods movements to prioritize medical shipments, ensuring delivery SLAs are met and supporting exception management.

Global network of 214 locations supporting medical device inventory.

214 locations with medical device stockholding close to hospital and clinical locations with 30 min, 2 hr and 4 hr scheduled deliveries for optimal stock positioning. 

Digital visibility solutions for advanced inventory management

Single global Service Logistics IT platform with customized dashboards showing near-real time inventory location and status to optimize stockholding and minimize obsolescence.

Network design to improve stock availability and flexibility

Network modelling for identification of optimized configuration, increasing availability, flexibility, stock balancing and optimized inventory holding.


days is the average stockholding for Medical Device organizations

An orchestration approach is required



of organizations surveyed described their supply chain as ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ complex

Take Your Healthcare Supply Chain To The Next Level

Our latest report, ‘Delivering Next-Level Healthcare’ provides expert analysis on the technological, social and economic trends fueling the current healthcare revolution. Learn all about the logistics and supply chain innovations that are now crucial to the future of healthcare.