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Success Story

Cheers! Erdinger makes a success of e-commerce in the drinks market

For leading beer brewery Erdinger, it’s vital that orders are received reliably and safely, right across Germany. They needed a fulfillment partner that would ensure they can keep their customer promise – including during critical peak times.

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Customer Challenge

  • Reliable and flexible e-commerce fulfillment across Germany
  • The product – beer – is perishable and packaged in glass

Our Solution

  • Flexibility and efficiency
  • Contact person on hand to help the customer in the set-up phase and with ongoing support

Customer Benefits

  • Uncomplicated set-up phase and smooth rollout
  • True collaboration brings customer peace of mind

Customer Challenge

“Because our brand is so well known, and because of the loyal following we have built up, we have to make sure everything we do is extremely professional, including that final step of delivering our beer to customers,” remarks Sybille Eder from Erdinger’s marketing team.

Erdinger, who have been brewing traditional ‘weissbier’ in the Bavarian region of Germany since 1886, marries its heritage and prowess with a modern outlook, enjoying sales in over 90 countries.

With Germany itself being a major market, the team at Erdinger wanted to ensure they could deliver to their many customers there across a broad range of scenarios.

There are also added considerations when you are shipping goods across a whole country that are packaged in glass bottles. “Despite this, we need speed!” says Sybille.

Our Solution

So when you have breakable and perishable goods, that need to be delivered flexibly and rapidly, it sounds like a complex task. “Although it’s quite involved,” Sybille says “we found that by outsourcing our fulfillment we could arrive at a process that was uncomplicated and really reliable.

“And what we also found in the DHL Fulfillment Network was a real partner. We have a contact person who is very available, and we have a really good relationship. The team are very considerate, and I feel our connection is strong.”

Being able to track sales and manage inventory is crucial for any business. Like all DHL Fulfillment Network customers, Erdinger benefit from the advanced inventory insights tool, which can be used to help companies carry out scenario planning and maximize sales opportunities.

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Customer Benefits

Sybille offers her thoughts on what to consider when outsourcing: “To me, it only makes sense if it simplifies the processing of orders, and gives you flexibility.”

This relationship got off to a great start, thanks to true collaboration and open dialogue. “Yes, it’s all about processes and efficiencies, but at the end of the day you have to connect with people and feel like it’s partnership,” Sybille sums up.

We’ll raise a glass to that!

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