Say bonjour to a buoyant French economy

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Aerial view of Paris

With the world’s seventh-largest economy (and the third largest in Europe), la belle France remains an attractive place to do business. Although Covid-19 hit the nation hard, it aims to bounce back by 2022. President Macron has put a €100bn recovery plan in place and is set to continue with his pro-business reforms – assuming he’s re-elected. Add a thriving e-commerce market, and you have got every reason to consider trade with France.

If you’re a business looking to export to foreign markets, France should certainly be on your list. It’s the second largest country by population in Europe after Germany. 

E-commerce in France is also booming. The pandemic has pushed more people online, with 93% of the population now using the internet, and 80% shopping online. Even better, these numbers are only set to rise, with the e-commerce market growing at 8% per year. The star performer is fashion, France’s biggest and fastest-growing e-commerce sector. With the country’s reputation for style, perhaps that’s no surprise.

France’s powerful open economy and easy access to the wider European Union makes it a top choice for any business looking to grow sales in an overseas market. Want to get involved? Read on to get the full picture on trade with France.

Country Guide: France

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Country Guide: France
Country Guide: France