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GoGreen Solutions

DHL Global Forwarding can help you decrease emissions and increase efficiency of your international logistics operations

With increasing carbon emissions set to be one of the greatest environmental and economic challenges of our time, DHL Global Forwarding provides a wide range of green logistics services including sustainable alternatives for all transport modes. We also offer carbon transparency tools to provide insights into green optimisation of your logistics and improve the carbon efficiency of your supply chain.

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Pioneering Green Logistics

Our relationships with environmental authorities and membership in all key industry bodies (on global and regional levels) allow us to be a key driver in setting industry standards.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Services

Our broad range of sustainable solutions can service all your requirements no matter the transport mode you use. DHL GoGreen logistics experts can also develop tailor-made recommendations for improving the carbon footprint of your supply chain.

Documented Accountability

We offer full transparency on the emissions generated by the transport of your shipments with DHL, externally verified and in compliance with the leading guidelines for carbon reporting.

KPI Focused

We are committed to help you reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chains. Carbon efficiency KPIs are monitored to find optimisation potential, in both cost and emissions.

Understanding Your Footprint

Our DHL GoGreen portfolio offers you various levels of carbon transparency tools

Online Calculator

Calculate carbon emissions for a single shipment on the spot and/or simulate the potential impact of modal shifts and routing change.

Key Features
  • Calculate carbon emissions for single shipments on the spot
  • Easy comparison of different shipment scenarios
  • CO₂ emissions for all transportation legs

Carbon Estimate

Receive a summary of the overall carbon footprint in one report for all transport providers. This solution allows shipments from all Logistics Service Providers to be incorporated, using the same calculation framework.

Available: Through our GoGreen logistics experts

Key Features
  • Leverage DHLs carbon calculation expertise and network averages for overall carbon footprint
  • Include 3rd party data
  • CO₂ emissions for air freight and ocean freight shipments

Carbon Report

Understand detailed carbon footprint of all your DHL shipments across all transport legs, modes and trade lanes. Our carbon reporting is externally verified and in line with the leading guidelines and most accepted standards globally, e.g. Greenhouse Gas Protocol, EN 16258:2012, or the Global Logistics Emission Council’s (GLEC) framework.

Available: Through our GoGreen logistics experts

Key Features
  • Illustration of carbon emissions and KPIs and key trade lanes
  • Gain insights on carbon reduction levers
  • CO₂ development and trends
  • Meeting highest external standards and verified by 3rd party auditor

Reducing Your Emissions

DHL Global Forwarding is committed to helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Our solutions help find the best carbon reduction levers for your supply chain.

GoGreen Plus

Leading the industry to clean and sustainable ocean and air freight, we now offer the option to reduce main haul carbon emissions by using sustainable marine and aviation fuels. Sustainable fuels are our solution for true decarbonisation of your supply chain.

Available: Automatically included at no extra cost for all DHL Ocean LCL, optionally available at a price premium for DHL Ocean FCL and air freight shipments

Key Features
  • Eliminate carbon emissions without compromising on service level
  • Apply book & claim CO₂ reduction
  • Leverage ‘one atmosphere’ approach
  • Drive innovation and decarbonisation
  • Verified CO₂ reduction certificate

GoGreen Offsetting

Compensate CO₂ emissions from all transportation legs with high quality carbon credits. DHL Global Forwarding offers VER (Verified Emission Reductions) carbon credits from recognised climate protection projects worldwide, complying with the ‘Gold standard’, and DHL’s own rigid requirements.

Available: Through our GoGreen logistics experts

Key Features
  • Carbon credits from recognised climate protection projects worldwide
  • Compensate CO₂ emissions from all transportation legs
  • Annual certificate, based on a certified carbon report

GoGreen Optimisation

Avoid CO₂ emissions with green supply chain design (burn less). DHL Global Forwarding is offering guidance to increase carbon efficiency and reduce CO₂ emissions through optimised supply chain design. Together DHL GoGreen explore potential carbon optimisation options and identify customer-specific levers with the highest impact on your supply chain, for example modal shifts or consolidation of shipments.

Available: Through our GoGreen logistics experts

Key Features
  • Carrier selection
  • Routing optimisation
  • Modal shifts
  • Consolidation

Sustainability Insights and Education

DHL was the first global logistics company to set a quantifiable climate protection target in 2007. In 2017 we have set a new target: Reduce all logistics emissions to zero by 2050.

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