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Multimodal Transport Solutions

Faster than ocean freight, cheaper than air freight

DHL Global Forwarding’s multimodal solutions mix the agility of air transportation, the adaptability of dedicated inland solutions, and the cost-consciousness and de-carbonisation of ocean shipping to provide both LCL and FCL options. Launched in early 2019, our multimodal solutions serve more than 300 customers, shipping to 50 destinations with more than 5 million kilos shipped.

Our Multimodal Solutions

MMEX (Multimodal Express)

For either LCL or FCL shipments, MMEX uses smaller, specific ships which reduce transit times port to port and also the times of port operations at origin and destination.

  • Ship from China or Vietnam to U.S., Europe and Latin America in less than 20 days
  • Two consolidation HUBs in China: Shanghai and Shenzhen
  • US Command Centre Based in Miami
  • Direct uplift from Los Angeles airport to Europe main destinations

AirSea From Europe To Asia

Regular service, with fixed departures from Europe and established connections from Hong Kong to final destination.

  • Service that protects your supply chain by allowing you to schedule shipments with stability in a volatile market.
  • Service based on multimodal experience, with connections on premium ocean freight services.
  • Cost savings as more affordable than by air and up to twice as fast as by sea.

SeaAir From Asia

DHL SEAIR is provided by StarBroker, DHL Global Forwarding’s specialist in house carrier. We will source from our global fixed route and departure schedules the most favourable multimodal solution for your freight.

  • Available from more than 25 origins in Asia
  • Routes to Europe, Central and Latin America, every route covered at least once a week
  • Shipments remain in our control at all times, we take care of all customs formalities and delivery documentation for you

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