Delft Hyperloop

Passengers could soon be crossing Europe close to the speed of sound in a pod propelled through a metal tube, or “hyperloop".

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk launched a competition for a prototype design, and the Delft hyperloop (pictured) achieved the highest overall score in January’s tests, winning the Design and Construction award.  The final phase of the competition will take place this summer. The half-size prototype is almost five meters long and weighs just 149 kilograms. The capsule, suspended by magnets, traveled in a low-pressure tube at speeds of up to 399 kph on the 1.6-kilometer test track at SpaceX in California this January. The full-size hyperloop is designed to travel at speeds of up to 1199 kph – cutting journey times from Amsterdam to Paris to just 30 minutes.

Published: February 2017

Infographics: Niko Wilkesmann