Delivering cargo at hypersonic speed

Could hypersonic transport become a reality in future? Co-imagined by Canadian inventor Charles Bombardier and designer Drew Blair, the BlueEdge Mach 8-10 Hypersonic Freighter is a concept plane whose speed would revolutionize cargo transport. Named for its ability to fly right on the edge of space, the BlueEdge was presented as part of the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) annual innovation contest. Conceptualized to use hydrogen as a green fuel source, the aircraft would carry approximately the same load as a B757 cargo plane and fly at an altitude of 125,000 feet (38,100 meters) at Mach 10, transporting its payload (or 220 passengers) from the U.K. to Australia in 90 minutes.

Published: June 2020

Image: IOAircraft