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Pay Only for What You Use, and Pay Less as You Scale

We believe in fair pricing for everyone.

Are you interested in scalable fulfillment? Then let’s get to business.

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Simple contracts

We don’t tie you down to long contracts, so you can change your plans if you need to.

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Only pay for what you use

You only pay for the exact services you use – inbound, outbound and delivery.

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Free implementation

No set-up or integration fees. No subscriptions. Like we say, only pay for what you use…

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The more you sell, the less you pay

As you grow, you’ll qualify immediately and automatically for better rates. No need to ask…

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Value-added services

Pay for any extra services (like gift-wrapping) at highly competitive hourly rates.

How do we keep our fulfillment rates so low? Thanks to our size, we can negotiate deals that benefit all our customers

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DHL partnerships

Our purchasing power gives us favourable terms with key suppliers. Packaging material is a good example.

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Multi-user warehouses

Our warehouse costs are split between many customers, so we always have scope to minimize rates.

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Fewer parties involved

We run all our warehouses ourselves, so there are no contractors requiring double margins.

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A global product

All our product investments are covered via all regions, so each region pays only a fraction of development costs.

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Are you interested in scalable fulfillment?

Then let’s get to business.

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