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Smart Fulfillment Service with Warehousing and Distribution

DHL offers you a high-tech, world-class fulfillment service – Smart pick and pack in warehouse as well as the distribution, are just as much a part of our fulfillment as any returns.

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Find out What Sets Our Fulfillment Service Apart

From dock to stock in 24 hours

Step 1 with receiving packages and step 2 placing packages in shelves.

1. As part of our warehouse fulfillment, our staff check your goods immediately after they arrive to ensure that they are undamaged and that we've received the right quantity.

Then we lose no time in storing your goods in the most suitable locations so they are ready to sell and easy to pick.

Every fulfillment warehouse has a state-of-the-art management system. This identifies the best location for storing your goods.

2. We then use smart algorithms to optimize storage, packaging and dispatch. This often allows us to reduce turnaround time from 48 hours to next day. Thanks to our fast fulfillment service, the order reaches your customers in the shortest possible time.

Smart Pick and Pack with Our Warehouse Fulfillment System

Step 3 of taking packages from shelves and step 4 of loading them into the truck.

3. Once we receive your orders in our system, we’ll pick and pack them quickly so that we can get them out to your customers on the same day.

Smart algorithms optimize our pick-path to drive efficiencies.

4. All orders received up to two hours before the carrier’s final collection will be shipped the same day.

Smart wearable devices allow our pickers to have both hands free when handling your products.

For Fast Parcel Shipping: DHL as Fulfillment Service Provider

Step 5 of delivering the package to an address and step 6 of tracking the data through the process with a remark Yay at the end.

5. All key carriers are integrated into our leading carrier management system, so we’ll certainly have the right choice both for your domestic and international deliveries.

6. Follow your orders from end-to-end using the MySupplyChain portal. Our track-and-trace system provides visibility across all warehouse fulfillment centers and carriers in one place.

What Exactly Is an E-commerce Fulfillment Service Provider?

A fulfillment service provider handles the order processing, warehousing, and distribution of goods for other companies. For example, they often take care of fulfillment for small businesses that do not employ their own logistics staff.

If a service provider offers a full e-commerce fulfillment service, it deals with incoming orders for online shops, takes over the storage, picking and packing of the goods in a special e-commerce warehouse and handles the entire shipping process. But often only specific sub-activities are outsourced to fulfillment companies.

At DHL, we offer a comprehensive fulfillment service – for small local businesses as well as for international ones. No matter what type of e-commerce logistics service you need, we've got you covered:

B2C Fulfillment (Business-to-Consumer)

for the dispatch of retail goods to the end customer

B2B Fulfillment (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer)

for the shipment of goods to other companies

D2C Fulfillment (Direct-to-Consumer)

for direct dispatch from the manufacturer to the end customer

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Part of Our Fulfillment: Fast Returns Management

DHL employee carrying a package with a stopwatch and an update icon besides and two DHL employees working in the warehouse managing packages.

We know the importance of fast returns handling. When your goods arrive back with us, we check and grade them quickly so you can refund your customers and have your stock back on the shelves ready to sell.

As an integral part of DHL’s fulfillment, we have your returns available for resale within 48 hours. We can often even achieve this on the same day they arrive.

Want to excite your customers with a super-convenient way to register and ship their returns? Let us show you our DHL Returns Portal.

A Fulfillment Service with Lots of Extras

Looking for a bespoke service? We have plenty of extras you can choose from, and we’re always expanding our services, so do check in to see what’s available. Here is a selection:

Best-before Dates and Batch-Handling

We can capture BBDs and batch numbers for your products – a key feature for cosmetics and food supplements.

Serial-Number Scanning

We can capture the serial numbers of your products during inbound and outbound – a key feature for tech devices.

Branded and Green Packaging

We can promote your brand – and help the planet – with packaging that will resonate with your customers.


We can add the right flyers, vouchers and more to your orders based on the rules you define – an important feature for targeted marketing.

We offer fulfillment services for small local businesses as well as for global e-commerce players. If you need an option that isn't listed here, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

For the Perfect Fulfillment Solution – Employees with the Right Spirit

Employees from different units of DHL together.

All our fulfillment warehouses are run by DHL employees – never by third parties. You’ll always be dealing with our team, who are trained and managed directly by DHL.

This helps to guarantee service quality, but it also minimizes our cost-base, which means better pricing for you. Win-win!

How We Deal with the Unexpected...

A DHL employee facing backwards inside the warehouse.

Solving supplier challenges

Alexandra, Client Success Manager

During one of the first inbounds from a new customer, our warehouse team noticed that a lot of the items had barcodes missing. This was a glitch on the supplier side.

After a quick talk with the customer, the warehouse team re-labelled thousands of items in a matter of days so the go-live could start as planned.

A DHL employee on his way to pick a package inside a warehouse.

Accelerating inbounds to meet campaign deadlines

Stephen, Supervisor

One of our technology customers had planned a marketing campaign but was facing a supply chain issue with a delayed inbound shipment from their manufacturer.

With minimal notice, our on-site team accelerated the inbound process and booked the goods in within an hour of arrival, ensuring that the customer didn’t lose any sales.

A marketeer talking to a DHL employee handing over a box.

Supporting a social media campaign

Marius, Operations Manager

Social media is an important sales platform and was central to the plans of one our cosmetics customers. They had advertised their goods on Instagram, and we repackaged some of their products into “social media influencer bundles” before shipping them out.

This isn’t a regular service, but it shows the extra attention we give on special occasions for important shipments.

We believe in fair pricing for everyone

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