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Use our fulfillment network, technology and digital tools to grow your business.  

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Now you can quickly scale your e-commerce operations using our worldwide fulfillment centers and in-country experts. Even better, we can help you evolve your e-commerce strategy so you can grow quickly, sustainably and in full control.

We make it simple

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Easy to start

We offer fast, easy and free on-boarding with full technical support. You can start within days…

How to get started

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Easy to integrate

Our world-class IT means easy integration with all major web shops, ERPs, carriers ….and of course your own systems.

Smart fulfillment

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Easy to operate

We give you in-depth data to drive your decisions, with full track and trace to strengthen your consumer experience.

Your data suite

Global network meets local needs

We have sales managers in every country... because nothing beats local know-how when designing the best supply-chain set-up for your business.

We work with companies from every conceivable sector, so we’ve amassed a huge amount of specialist knowledge. If your orders require special storage, handling, scanning or tracking, our experts around the network are here to help.

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How does it work?

  • Your customer’s order is sent to a DHL fulfillment center, where your products are stored
  • The DHL team quickly picks, packs and checks the order
  • Your order is delivered by best-in-class carriers in all markets

How will your company benefit?

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We keep our prices down and our standards high by managing all the fulfillment centers we use.

This approach extends throughout our services and allows us to deliver a consistently great consumer experience at every location.

But we don’t just care about your business. We care about the planet too. Our long-running ESG programs prioritize reducing our carbon footprint and fostering sustainable practices wherever we operate.

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Tackle the three big e-commerce challenges

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Up to 65% of abandoned online shopping baskets are due to slow or expensive delivery. But with the DHL Fulfillment Network, you can place your stock closer to your customers and achieve faster delivery times with reduced costs.  

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Seasonal (and even weekly) fluctuations in demand can cause havoc. So, take advantage of DHL’s infrastructure and agility to flourish when demand is hard to manage.

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The final mile matters. That’s why we’ve built a network of final-mile partners, all integrated into one platform. Just select the service level you and your customers need, and we’ll have the right carrier available. Best of all, you can track the status of each order using one system – no matter which country or carrier you choose.

Use data to take control

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Partner with the DHL Fulfillment Network and you’ll be able to make data-driven business decisions in real time.

Just log in to the MySupplyChain portal to access dashboards and reports about all aspects of your business. It’s all available and easy to use – from quality of inbounds to outbound volumes and stock levels.

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We go above and beyond to be a sustainable partner

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DHL is committed to a path of increasingly sustainable logistics. We’re building carbon-free warehouses and are banning plastics from our operations.

We also care deeply about our people and continue to invest in regional programs aimed at improving the lives of the communities where we operate.

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Latest news from the DHL Fulfillment Network

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Are you interested in scalable fulfillment?

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