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Fashion Logistics

We are the logistics partner for the fashion industry, pioneering fashion supply chain solutions that deliver excellence

We are an integral part of the international fashion industry and understand that consumers demand faster delivery and a quality experience. Global fashion companies are under customer pressure to provide innovative, time-sensitive solutions that are demonstrably more sustainable than the competition. Demand spikes – caused by unforeseen factors like weather events and planned initiatives like Black Friday – complicate supply chains and add pressure on companies to deliver.

DHL is the foremost fashion logistics partner. With our industry knowledge and our global presence, we are a key partner for the sector. Wherever you are sourcing, producing or selling – we are already there with flexible, scalable fashion supply chain solutions.

We provide fashion logistics solutions that address current trends facing the industry, such as:

Production on Demand

Green Packaging and Delivery


Digitilization and Robotics

Omnichannel Sales Markets

Buy Online, Pick Up in Store (BOPIS)

Trending Logistics Services in the Fashion Industry

Fashion companies rely on logistics services to manage their supply chain and distribution processes. At DHL, we offer a model end-to-end service enabling customers to source raw materials and manufacture garments anywhere in the world, store, transport and deliver them, and handle returns and production waste. We can manage each step or provide individual elements. We can even support customers to switch sources of supply and move production locations seamlessly while minimizing disruption.

At DHL, we can also help fashion companies reduce their environmental impact by optimizing transportation routes, minimizing CO2 emissions and reducing waste in the supply chain. Our services help you deliver the latest fashion trends and styles in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our promise to the fashion sector: Retail. Your Way.

End-to-End Support

DHL can support every step in the fashion supply chain from the very first mile to the last. Our global reach and specialist industry expertise ensures we can enhance each stage in the retail fashion journey.

Domestic, Regional and International

As the world's largest logistics provider, DHL has a sophisticated domestic, regional and international operations network ideally suited for a global omnichannel landscape. We have expertise in every market across the world with the right inventory in the right place at the right time.

Last-Mile Specialists

We collaborate with fashion leaders to create exceptional last-mile solutions supported by localized distribution. We enhance the consumer’s delivery experience by focussing on reliability, urban accessibility, reducing carbon emissions and reflecting our customers’ brand values.

Returns and Collections

DHL uses advanced techniques to manage returns, reduce costs and prioritize speed and visibility. Working with our customers, we define the end-to-end reverse logistics function, from collections to refurbishment or repurposing and redistribution.

Peak Demand (Seasonal) Capacity

At DHL, we have innovative systems to manage demand spikes, ranging from worldwide seasonal events to localized launches. Our scalable services can be ‘switched on and off’ as needed to ensure a reliable supply chain.

Re-commerce and Circularity

Positive consumer attitudes to pre-loved fashion are creating new marketplaces and driving the need for new logistics solutions. As consumers re-focus on affordability and sustainability, even premier brands are adopting a circularity culture. DHL provides innovative re-commerce solutions.


As global changes impact the fashion industry, DHL is assisting customers in rethinking and restructuring their transportation networks. We help to relocate production and warehousing closer to consumer markets and optimize fashion logistics.

Warehousing and Distribution

Using emerging technologies to drive efficiency and productivity, such as DHL’s Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), inventory digitalization and pouch sorting, we provide our customers with the most advanced warehousing and distribution center solutions on the market.

The Future of Fashion

Positive Fashion

Sustainable clothing is here to stay. Positive Fashion is a green initiative that aims to support the industry in becoming more environmentally friendly and responsible. It promotes using sustainable practices, materials and delivery methods, reducing waste, conserving water and cutting down carbon emissions. It also encourages re-use and re-commerce for a circular economy.

Digitalization in Fashion

AI’s critical focus in fashion continues to be on predicting popular products, minimizing overstocking, identifying emerging national and international trends, and seeking out ways to reduce waste in production and transportation. At DHL, we’re using AI and advanced big data analytics to help customers improve efficiency and performance on sustainability.

Sustainability in the Fashion Supply Chain

Fashion logistics is a vital consideration in the industry's sustainability efforts. At DHL, we’re making our operations environmentally sustainable and helping fashion customers do the same, for example, by offering greener packaging options for shipping clothes and other fashion products. We’ve been working with fashion companies to implement practices such as environmentally friendly sourcing and production and reducing carbon emissions across our logistics and distribution networks. DHL is the market leader in providing accurate information about the CO2 impact of consumers’ packages.

Championing Up-and-Coming Labels

DHL’s commitment to the Fashion Sector is demonstrated by our partnerships with leading brands and upcoming designers. In the past few years, we have collaborated with fashion collective Vetements to showcase environmental issues, as well as partnering with young and up-and-coming designers like Malaysia-based shoe designer Christy Ng and influential sustainability entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh.

Explore Our Case Studies

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