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Online Marketplaces

Multi-Platform e-commerce logistics solutions that help marketplace sellers fulfill their delivery promises

All e-commerce platforms, from local internet marketplaces and private websites to giants such as Amazon and eBay, need effective and integrated e-commerce online marketplace logistics apps and technology that enables them to improve online sales and confidently fulfill their business commitments. At DHL, we provide a suite of flexible e-commerce logistics tools suitable for every type of online marketplace, no matter the size. We particularly focus on enabling SMEs to access and leverage the latest systems and logistics capabilities they need to compete and grow. If you have a marketplace shipping need, DHL has the solution.

We provide logistics solutions designed to address current e-commerce and online marketplace trends such as:

Integrated Logistics Technology

Supporting Supplier Sustainability

Customer Retention and Upselling

Multi-Channel Sales and Marketing

Warehouse Automation

Delivery and Returns Innovation

Online Marketplace Shipping Logistics – Priorities and Services

Our Marketplace Shipping logistics services are tailored to geographic operating territories, and online merchants can select a flexible range of services best suited to their needs and supported by regional expertise. DHL can provide an entire suite of technology-driven shipping solutions to support multi-channel and multi-platform sales, from postal services to advanced distribution centers, tailored to customer needs and budgets. All our solutions are designed for reliability, visibility and end-customer satisfaction.

Visibility and Reporting

DHL provides e-commerce visibility and reporting with real-time multichannel commercial updates and delivery information. Customers can receive live data for each shipment step; online, via email or SMS, ensuring transparency for supply chain optimization and smart data-driven decisions.

APIs and Label Creation

Our unified e-commerce API enables online marketplaces to automate label creation. Automated label generation reduces the time and effort required to process and ship orders directly from online stores or marketplace platforms, improving efficiency, saving money and enabling a focus on business growth.

Multi-Channel Integration

DHL's Online Marketplace logistics and e-commerce multichannel solution for Retail and Fashion is designed to provide businesses with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective shipping solution unified across multiple sales channels and platforms to improve visibility, inventory management, and target new customers.

Cross Border Facilitation

Our e-commerce cross-border facilitation helps customers navigate the complexities of international trade. We provide online merchants and marketplaces with end-to-end support, including customs, taxes/duties and delivery calculations for DDU and DDP, customs clearance and compliance guidance.

Service Level Agreements

DHL can assist e-commerce merchants and online marketplaces to establish effective and confidence-building service level agreements. We focus on delivery timeframes and accuracy as well as performance metrics, service availability and innovative solutions for complex logistics challenges.

Integrated Fulfillment

Every online business deserves world-class fulfillment. Quickly scale your e-commerce operations using our global fulfillment centers and in-country experts. We select, pack, check and distribute the order. We also offer an integrated platform to cover distribution in many European countries.

Exceptional Consumer Experience

DHL’s last-mile delivery is fully integrated with our suite of e-commerce apps. We are deeply committed to establishing and maintaining a positive end-consumer experience and offer various services, from personalized delivery to local collection points and smart lockers that are also suitable for returns.

Last Mile Sustainability

At DHL, our minimize our environmental impact by using low-emission vehicles and alternative fuels, route optimization, promoting alternative delivery modes, reducing packaging waste, and using renewable energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint.

Online Marketplace Solutions

DHL Fulfillment Network

Use our fulfillment network, technology and digital tools to grow your business

Now you can quickly scale your e-commerce operations using our worldwide fulfillment centers and in-country experts. Even better, we can help you evolve your e-commerce strategy so you can grow quickly, sustainably and in full control.

Parcel Connect

Your perfect fit for last-mile deliveries and returns in Europe

We offer the perfect fit for e-commerce companies expanding into Europe, with the region’s largest network and a seamless solution.