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Spooktacular deals – 2019’s hottest Halloween trends

With Halloween just around the corner, the race is on to find the best scary costume, pack the house with candies and frighten your neighbors with spooky decorations. A massive holiday in the U.S., it’s becoming ever more popular in many countries around the world as well.

Delivered. has rounded up some of the top trends to make this year’s scary season frightfully fun and festive.



Google’s retro-style trending site Frightgeist racks the most popular costumes across the U.S., and even features a ‘costume wizard’ function which rates outfits for creativity and spookiness to help you chose that perfect outfit.

Frightgeist predicts “a frighteningly high chance that you will see a 1980s costume on Halloween this year.” As scary movie IT: Chapter Two smashes the box office, and with 80s-set series like Netflix’s Stranger Things ruling the airwaves, it’s not surprise that nostalgia-infused costume choices have secured their place in the top 10 for 2019.

Meanwhile, representing more contemporary costume inspiration, Fortnite holds the #7 position. Famous for popularizing the “flossing” dance craze, the online videogame draws in millions of players and features an array of colorfully dressed characters causing mayhem in sprawling rural environments. 


Statistics published by the National Retail Federation (NRF) reveal that 29 million Americans plan to dress their pets this Halloween, brightening any party with some furry friends in a wide variety of inventive costumes. Like their human counterparts, outfits for pets also take their cue from pop culture, so expect to see lots of canine and feline Avengers, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman costumes. That said, among the most popular options listed for 2019 were “Pumpkin,” “Bumblebee,” and, perhaps unsurprisingly, “Hot Dog.”


Of course, it just wouldn’t be Halloween without candy, and an estimated $2.6 billion will be spent on sweet treats across the U.S. this year alone.

Online retailer  has used its 12 years of business experience to determine America’s favorite candies, with Skittles, Reese’s Cups, and M&M’s occupying the top three positions respectively. 

Shopping in Cyberspace

With most Halloween shopping taking place in the first two weeks of October, the speed and convenience of online purchases are an ideal solution for the last-minute trick-or-treater.

Large annual events like Halloween mean boom-times for online retailers. In the U.S., of the 172 million Americans who celebrate Halloween, nearly a quarter say their purchases will be made online, spending an average of $25. Figures published in the 2018 Online Peak Seasons Report found that over $3 billion was spent online by American shoppers in the month leading up to Halloween, on costumes, candy and other autumnal decorations. 

Naturally, if you're shopping online close to the Halloween deadline, it's frightening to think that you won't get your order on time. Luckily, when it comes to prompt, spooky delivery, no house is too haunted for DHL. — 
 Liam Heitmann-Rice

Published: October 2019

Images: iStock