Happy New Year!

Allow us to begin 2020 with a review of the most read articles from Delivered. in 2019. 

In each issue of our magazine we aim to offer you insights, trends, news and views from across the world, covering both business and logistics topics. Here’s a selection of what our global readers liked the most last year.

The Top 5 Articles 2019

Hyper-personalization explained

Personalized marketing on the internet isn’t new – but AI is taking it to a whole new bespoke level that promises to revolutionize e-commerce. Welcome to the world of hyper-personalization.

The world at its best

In a time when nationalism and protectionism are on the rise, companies need to step up in order to effect positive change in the world, says Ken Allen, CEO of DHL eCommerce Solutions.

What to expect from transitioning China

It’s often said that the moment you think you know China, it has changed. While this may seem true, there are still ways to help business navigate and prosper. Are you ready to ride the next big change? 

How to tackle E-commerce packaging waste

E-commerce is booming, and so is plastic packaging waste. Solving the problem is complex, where to even start? Circular economy? Recycling infrastructure?

How to build resilient supply chains?

The rate of natural disasters is increasing. Supply chain disruptions result in revenue loss and impact smooth production flows. How can companies mitigate the impact to supply chains when disaster strikes?

The Top Sector Articles 2019

Technology: Technology: The 5G race has started – what now?

Industry players are spending eye-watering sums in the race to make 5G a reality. Some say 5G networks will change everything. When will potential turn into reality? Who is to benefit first?

Engineering & Manufacturing: The end of the line?

Digital technology is already changing the face of manufacturing: enhancing speed, quality, productivity and flexibility. We’re exploring the current developments and what’s stopping companies from adapting.

Auto-mobility: The customer in control

Automotive companies cannot rely on momentum to maintain their competitive position. They need to explore new routes to their customers’ minds, hearts... and wallets.

Life Sciences & Healthcare: Keeping your cool – cold chain 4

As temperature control in distribution becomes more important, the race to build more efficient and intelligent cold chain logistics operations is on. What are the opportunities and challenges?

Energy: Balancing Act

Can the world balance an ever-increasing demand for energy with efforts to combat climate change? The task ahead looks daunting, but there are reasons for cautious optimism...

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