Winds of change: Transporting giant turbines around the world

Measuring 75 meters in length, five enormous wind turbines made their way on a 27-day journey from Aalborg, Denmark, to Siemens Gamesa’s offshore windfarm off the coast of Taichung, Taiwan. With each nacelle weighing nearly 400 tons, it took hours to load them carefully onto the 12,950-ton cargo ship that carried them halfway across the world to become part of Siemens Gamesa’s global network of 2,000 wind turbines.

A dedicated team at DHL Industrial Projects spent several months planning the move, and precision was key. Two days were spent loading the nacelles alone, and each enormous wind blade was stored on a specially constructed second deck so that excess cargo could be loaded as easily as possible on the opposite deck. This smart logistics solution allowed for one vessel fewer to be used and ensured smooth sailing for the journey ahead.

Published: January 2020

Image: DHL