How will you stay positive and energized while working from home this World Health Day?

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Celebrated each year on April 7th, World Health Day gives us all a chance to inject some energy into our attitude toward health—and a little positivity on the subject of global wellbeing is certainly in order given recent events.

With many countries around the world putting social distancing measures in place to reduce the impact of coronavirus, you’ll probably be spending this world health day working from home. 

So, how can you stay productive, positive and energized while working remotely? I’d like to share a few tips that help me stay focussed in my home office.

Stick to your standard schedule. We are creatures of habit and create routines around our work for a reason—they get us revved up and ready in the morning and help us maintain energy throughout the day.

Eat well and take regular breaks. If you don’t put the right fuel in your body or take the time throughout the day to recharge your batteries, you’ll end up feeling cranky and be much less productive. In fact, taking regular microbreaks of up to five minutes can improve mental acuity by 13%.

Limit screen time. When working from home you’re probably staring at a screen most of the time, which can strain your eyes and negatively impact your sleep. After you’ve finished working try escaping screens for a few hours. 

Spend time with friends and family. We’re social animals and maintaining close relationships with people we cherish makes us feel good. Of course, being social is a challenge in the current climate, but it is not impossible. You could catch up with your family by giving them a call or even play a boardgame with your friends via video conference.

Infographic: How to stay energized while working from home

Get active. While you may currently be socially isolating, there are still plenty of ways that you can get some exercise. Why not swap your daily commute with a run around the block? Or take a virtual exercise class? Staying active will help to ease the stress of isolation and keep you fit and healthy.

Get the rest you need. Sleep has a huge impact on our mood and our productivity. If we don’t get enough, we can be irritable, forgetful, experience higher blood pressure, have weakened immunity and could even gain weight.. 7+ hours sleep per night is recommended for adults.

Take up a new hobby. You might find that you have lots of extra time on your hands now that you are spending most of your time indoors. This is a perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby—I recently started learning to play the guitar. And if you’re not a fan of musical instruments, why not try learning a new language? 

While these tips may sounds obvious, it’s easy to forget the little things that we can do to stay positive, productive and healthy.

(Image: DHL)

Published: April 2020