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Innovation In Action

Transforming vision into impact

An ever-changing global business environment demands innovation in everything, especially logistics, to keep the world moving and economies growing. It calls for solutions that stay ahead of trends and produce value through smarter, faster, and more sustainable approaches. DHL sees “innovation in action” as our responsibility to drive improvements for our customers and the logistics industry through forward-thinking collaboration and demonstrated proof of concepts in the real world.

Warehouse of Innovation

The logistics industry is brimming with untapped potential. Here, we highlight opportunities for startups and technology providers to innovate the logistics industry. These opportunities arose from hundreds of workshops with our largest customers and operations teams. Together, we can re-imagine and restructure logistics for a better world!

Examples of Supply Chain Innovation in Action

Discover how new technologies are innovating logistics, creating an impact and inspiring new ways of working.

Unlocking a greener future: How IoT tackles food waste

Explore how DHL’s use of IoT-connected food container loggers reduces waste by monitoring shipment conditions and providing cloud-enabled, real-time intelligence. QR scanning, data recording and systems automation reduce the need for personnel, improve operational efficiency, and save tons of food per annum.

Proof that Computer Vision AI can predict risks to improve safety

Seeing is believing! Discover how Computer Vision AI can analyse work environments and predict risks and potential accidents before they happen. Working with Protex AI, DHL implements a 24/7 ‘view of sites’ to create safe spaces for people and products. By monitoring rule adherence and operational protocols, the system supports and optimizes existing safety practices.

Smart Wearables that boost warehouse productivity and safety

DHL, in collaboration with MotionMiners, is now using wristband and belt solutions to optimize employee movements in manual warehouse processes. The wearables’ wireless sensors gather and feed anonymous data into an algorithm for analysis, finding improvements in productivity and safety. The proof of concept resulted in a 20% time savings potential for a technology customer. 

DHL SmartSolutions IoT

Strengthen your core logistics portfolio by adding IoT benefits.

DHL deploys a broad and growing range of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Each of these solutions is developed and realized in collaboration with our partners, and – following successful proofs of concept and pilot projects – we make DHL SmartSolutions IoT available to customers around the globe.

Everstream Analytics

Providing advanced predictive insights and risk analytics for better supply chains.

At DHL, we are constantly finding ways to use new technologies improve logistics. In partnership with Everstream Analytics, we use predictive insights and risk analytics to make the global supply chain faster, smarter, leaner and more sustainable. Success in an ever-changing world may depend on seeing further ahead and being ready to adapt.