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DHL Freight Shipment Status and Tracking FAQ

Do you have a question regarding tracking or delivery of a shipment sent using DHL Freight? Here you will find our answers to frequently asked questions. 

Track and Trace

My tracking number was not recognized when tracking?

DHL's tracking number normally consists of 10 digits, there are also order numbers in the format ABC-EC-123467 or 11 digits, for foreign countries. Usually, your shipment becomes trackable on our website during the evening of the same day that the shipment is collected from the sender. If more than a day has passed since the stated collection date and the shipment is still untraceable, please contact the sender for confirmation that the shipment has been picked up.

Track your shipment here.

For how long will DHL trace my shipment?

If a parcel(s) cannot be located and needs to be traced, this is done for up to 30 days (60 days for international shipments). Then it will be handed over to our claims department.

My shipment should have been delivered today according to DHL's timetable but no delivery has taken place. Why?

The majority of shipments are delivered according to our timetable. Our timetable provides an estimated delivery time but is not to be seen as a time promise and deviations may occur. Delivery should take place within the next few days.

View our standard timetable

How do I track my shipment?

You can track your shipment via DHL Active Tracing, you can also download the app "Mitt DHL" for easy use.  For packages via our Parcel Shops or Parcel lockers, download "Mina Paket" app.

When will my shipment be delivered?

Private person: Are you expecting a package via one of our Parcel shops or Parcel lockers, or a home delivery? As soon as your shipment is ready, DHL Freight will contact you through a notification.

Business: If you are expecting a delivery, you can use our timetable to search for an estimated delivery day using the sending and receiving postcodes. Any optional services may affect the delivery time.

Visit our timetables.

If you have booked a DHL Eurapid shipment, you can expect delivery on the day you were given in the booking. Should a discrepancy occur, against the odds, DHL will contact you and keep you updated.

Why can I track my parcel at, but not at

If your tracking number has 12 digits, the shipment will be delivered by Postnord. This is because the consignment is sent by Deutsche Post, DPDHL (German Post). When the consignment enters Sweden, Postnord takes over the assignment. It usually takes a couple of working days from arrival to Sweden before the shipment is with your nearest postal agent. Contact PostNord's customer service for further information.


I am expecting a delivery. Will I be contacted by DHL?

If the package you are expecting will be delivered by one of our Parcel shops or Parcel lockers, you will receive an SMS or email confirming that your shipment is ready for collection. If the shipment is to be delivered to your home address, you will get a notification from us when the shipment is ready for delivery. If we have contacted, you via SMS - follow the instructions in the SMS.

Private persons in Sweden are always contacted before delivery, in other countries the notification process may vary from country to country.

If you are expecting a shipment and the sender has booked a delivery notification, we will contact you, otherwise a delivery attempt will be made. If no one is at home, the shipment will return to our terminal, and we will contact you to agree on a new delivery date.

I have received an SMS with a proposal for delivery day and time.

Follow the instructions in the SMS.

Can I change Parcel shop or Parcel locker for my parcel?

If you are expecting a shipment from a business (company), please contact the sender. If you are expecting a shipment from a consumer (private person) or if you have sent a shipment to another consumer, please contact DHL Freight's customer service to investigate the possibility of a change.

Can I extend the storage time at the Parcel shop or Parcel locker?

Currently, there is no possibility of extending the storage period. If the package is not picked up within the time frame, it will automatically be sent in return, and we ask you to please contact the sender.

Do I need to bring any documents when I collect my parcel(s)?

When you collect a shipment from one of our service points or terminals, the correct shipment number and the recipient's identification needs to be shown. If someone else collects the parceI(s) on your behalf they need to provide both identifications.

Explore more details about collecting your shipment at a service point

In order to retrieve a shipment that is addressed to a business, the person who receives the shipment needs to be able to present the current shipping number and identification.

Can I collect my parcel(s) from DHL Freight instead of having a home delivery?

In order for you to get a quick handling please contact our Customer Service on 0771-345 345 with your request and we will investigate and come back to you.

How do I update an address for an on-going shipment?

If you are expecting a shipment from a consumer (private person) or if you have sent a shipment to another consumer, please contact DHL Freight's customer service to investigate the possibility of a change.

If you are expecting a shipment from a business (company), please contact the sender.

If you are a business, expecting a shipment from a business, the party who pays for the freight needs to send a request to DHL Freight.

Contact DHL Freight About a Shipment

Can I as a recipient book additional services?

No, if the consignment needs to be amended please contact the sender.

What happens if my shipment doesn't arrive?

Please contact DHL's Customer Service if you are missing a shipment and you have tracked it without success. If a shipment needs to be traced, it is done by DHL's Customer Service for up to 30 days (60 days for shipment to/from abroad). The inquiry will then be handed over to our claims department.


I have received an incomplete delivery. What do I do?

Check the number of packages received against the specified number on your shipping documents. If the numbers are correct, please contact the sender

If the numbers do not match, the remaining part of the shipment is expected to be delivered to you by the next delivery day.

We will contact you before the next delivery.

You can track all packages via package ID here. If the remaining part is still missing, please contact DHL Freight's customer service.

What do I do if my shipment is visibly damaged when delivery takes place?

Ask the driver to note the damage on the consignment note/POD before signing the delivery, otherwise you will accept the goods in the existing condition. Subsequently, a claim must be reported.

If you do not want to receive the shipment because of the damage, you have the right to refuse the delivery before you sign for the shipment.

How do I make a claim for damaged goods?

Photograph the damage and attach it to DHL Freight's claim form.

For international shipments, claims inquiries against DHL should be reported by the freight payer in the country where the shipment was paid for.

What do I do if I have signed for a shipment without visible damage but later realize the goods are broken?

Claim of a hidden damage must be made within 7 days of delivery. Photograph the damaged goods and report a claim in DHL Freight's claim form. DHL Freight's claim form.

If the claim is regarding road freight, and you are not the freight payer, please inform the party you ordered the goods from.

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