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FAQs for Business Shippers in Sweden

Whether you are already a customer or you are looking to start shipping with us, here are some quick answers to your top questions.

General Shipping Questions

Are there restrictions on size and weight?

You can send most kinds of goods including small parcels, pallets, long goods, full truck loads and more. We have products that suit different types of goods and needs. 

Visit our product information for more details:

How long does the delivery take?

The delivery time depends on several different factors. Our timetable indicates an estimated delivery time and is not to be seen as a time promise. If your shipment is addressed to a consumer, DHL Freight will notify the recipient before the delivery. 

Some value added services, such as notification and dangerous goods shipments, and/or deliveries to consumers may impact the lead time.

To calculate the lead time between two postal codes for a terminal based shipment, visit our standard timetable.

When it comes to price, how do I choose the best option with DHL?

The price of a delivery is based on several parameters, for instance weight, size, distance and agreement with DHL.

  • If you already have a customer ID with DHL, you can log in and calculate your price in our customer portal myDHLFreight
  • If you don't have a customer ID and you are interested in road freight you can use our quoting tool
  • If you are interested in becoming a customer, please fill out our become a customer form

Does DHL Freight offer customized solutions from businesses to consumers (B2C)?

Yes, DHL can offer several services:

  • DHL Service Point is a parcel service where the parcel is delivered to a Parcel shop or a Parcel locker near the recipient
  • DHL Home Delivery is a home delivery service for parcels and larger goods
  • DHL Parcel Connect is a parcel service within most countries in Europe where the goods will be delivered to a Parcel shop or to a doorstep
  • DHL Euroconnect offers deliveries to consumers on request and additional surcharge may apply 

Explore our E-commerce Parcel Services

Is my shipment insured during transport?

For domestic shipments a basic insurance to cover loss or damage is included in the freight price. The insurance covers up to 500 SEK/gross weight kilo for parcel product DHL Service Point and up to 150 SEK/ gross weight kilo for our other domestic products.

Our international products have limited liability in line with CMR and compensates up to 8.33 SDR (approx. 100 SEK) / gross kilo.

If the value of the goods is higher, it is possible to book the value added service Insurance, which we recommend.

Explore more about DHL Cargo Insurance in our Value Added Services section.

What am I allowed to ship with DHL?

You can find the most current list of what you cannot ship with DHL Freight in our DHL Freight's General Terms and Conditions.

Please also read any Product Specific Terms and Conditions for further details on the shipping product you are interested in.

You can find all these terms documents and more on our Useful Download page.

May I send dangerous goods with DHL Freight?

We have some shipping products that allow businesses to send shipments with ADR classified goods with DHL Freight.

However, some types are excluded or require a special arrangement, please read DHL Freight's General Terms and Conditions. Please also read any Product Specific Terms and Conditions for further details on the shipping product you are interested in. You can find all these terms documents and more on our Useful Download page.

Please note, the sender is responsible for all documentation and information about the dangerous goods shipment with respect to national rules and regulations for each country.

For an international shipment, a copy of the Dangerous Goods Declaration must be sent by e-mail or attached where possible in some TA- and booking systems.

Please also note that the transport time may deviate from our standard lead times.

How do I pack my shipment?

The sender is responsible for using appropriate packing material. The goods shall be packaged in a way it can stand normal transport-handling (including automated sorting) and stowed for the type of transport intended, and not cause damage to other goods.

For domestic shipments, individual parcels with a weight of 35 kgs or more needs to be placed on a pallet or similar to be manageable with a truck.

Please consult the DHL Freight's General Terms and Conditions or any Product Specific Terms and Conditions for further. You can find all these terms documents and more on our Useful Download page.

Booking Transport (Drop-off, Pick-ups and More)

What information do I need to know to ship a shipment with DHL Freight?

All assignments are carried out according to product specific terms, DHL Freight's General Terms and Conditions and NSAB 2015. Individual cases according to agreed terms.

You can find all these terms documents and more on our Useful Download page.

How do I create shipping documents?

You can create your shipping documents in your booking- or TA-system or via our website.

If you have a customer ID you may:

Does DHL Freight offer regular pick up without the need to book?

DHL Freight offers regular pick-up by arrangement. You are welcome to apply by contacting your DHL sales contact or Customer Service.

Can I drop-off my shipment at a DHL Terminal?

You are welcome to drop-off your shipment at one of DHL Freight's terminals. The consignment needs to be packaged and marked with shipping documents.

Find DHL Freight terminal locations

When will you pick up my shipment?

DHL Freight collects goods weekdays between 7-17 excluding holidays.

How do I book a time sensitive shipment?

For our domestic products DHL Paket, DHL Pall and DHL Stycke we offer the option of PRE Delivery Service. This means that the shipment will be prioritized during the entire transport in order to secure delivery before the selected delivery time and on the estimated delivery date. PRE7 = delivery before 07.30 a.m., PRE10 = delivery before 10.00 a.m. and PRE12 = delivery before 12.00 p.m.

For our product DHL Parti you may choose the option of time specified delivery.

For international products, if you have a time sensitive shipment below 2500 kg, we can offer our prioritized product for groupage: DHL Freight Eurapid. DHL Freight Eurapid has the value added services PRE 10 and PRE 12 as delivery options.

For a part load or a full truck load (PTL / FTL), we can offer DHL Freight Euroline and the value added service time definite unloading. Please note that you will receive a separate booking confirmation with the price.

Please note that not all services and expedited delivery options (PRE 0:730/PRE10/PRE12) are available to all destinations. For details about what is offered for your origin/destination combination, visit our standard timetable.

How do I cancel/rebook a pick-up?

Please contact our customer service by phone and we will help you.

Where do I find food labels?

For domestic shipment food must be marked with a special label intended for food transport. Order this food label at PrintMation by emailing your request to

In your email please include your company name, delivery address for the labels and invoice address for the payment. The customer is responsible for all costs. For information about label ordering, please contact PrintMation, ph. no +46 40 67288 50.

Account and Invoices

How do I get a DHL customer number?

To apply for a DHL customer number, you need to have a registered business with a corporate identity number. Please fill in this form and we will get back to you.

If you urgently need to book a transport urgently, please call 0771-345 345.

How do I apply for a pallet transfer system ID?

Read more about Pallet Exchange System and apply for a pallet customer ID.

I would like a copy of my invoice. What should I do?

Visit our Manage your Invoices page and select "Inquire about an invoice"

You can also sign up to receive PDF or EDI invoices on that page.

I have applied for a PDF invoice but it does not seem to work. What should I do?

To ensure that we have the correct email address registered with us, we kindly ask you to visit our Manage your Invoices page and select "Inquire about an invoice"

Can I get my invoice via email instead of by post?

DHL offers free PDF invoice via email. Visit our Manage your Invoices page and select "Subscribe to PDF Invoices"

Why is there an added invoice fee?

An invoice fee will be added to your invoice if sent by post. DHL Freight offers free electronic invoicing or direct debit.

I have not received my invoice. What should I do?

Visit our Manage your Invoices page and select "Inquire about an invoice"

My invoice is not correct. What should I do?

Visit our Manage your Invoices page and select "Inquire about an invoice"

Can I get extended credit time?

Our credit period is 10 days. If you have further questions regarding the credit period, please contact your sales contact at DHL Freight.

Can I register for direct debit at DHL Freight?

Yes, visit our Sign Up for Direct Deposit page and follow the instructions provided.

Why did I get an additional charge on my invoice?

An additional change may be related to a value added service or surcharge.

Online Tools and Integrations

Which online tools does DHL Freight offer?

You can read more about all of our online tools and data integrations for your TA systems (transport administration systems) on our Online Shipping Tools page.

Our main portal for customers looking to quote, book and manage shipments is MyDHLFreight.

For tracing you can also use DHL Active Tracing.

I'm having a technical problem with a data integration option or online tool, who can I contact?

Please fill out this short form to contact our technology team.

What TA systems (transport administration systems) do you integrate with?

Please fill out this short form to contact our technology team.

Customs (for International Shipment)

What is a commercial invoice?

A commercial invoice is the invoice used when goods are sold, specifying details of the goods sold.

What is a proforma invoice?

Proforma invoice is the invoice used for customs for goods you do not invoice, for instance; warranty goods, samples, promotional items, gifts, return goods and advertising goods.

What information should a commercial or proforma invoice contain?

When preparing the supporting documents, such as the commercial or proforma invoice, it is important to follow the guidelines set by Swedish Customs, as well as any specific requirements from the sending/destination country and our internal needs.

The supporting documents should include the seller's and buyer's name and address (including VAT/organization number), date of issue, invoice number, number of packages and total gross weight, type of goods and harmonized codes, quantity of the goods, price for each harmonized code, any applicable discounts, and the delivery term.

Additionally, for most countries (excluding Norway and Åland), it is necessary to include the total net weight and, per harmonized code, the net weight and country of origin. For shipments to or from Great Britain, the GB EORI-number must be stated for the party located in Great Britain.

It's important to note that a proforma invoice can only be used when the goods are not sold, and it should include the text "No charge. Value for customs purposes only." The purpose of issuing a proforma invoice is also required.

Should I issue a proforma for my shipment?

You can use a proforma invoice for goods that are not sold, for instance gifts, warranty goods, samples, returns, advertising items, etc.

In other cases, a commercial invoice is needed.

What is important to consider when I ship outside of EU?

Ensure that the documentation is correct and that the invoice complies with customs (Tullverket) guidelines and other requirements (see Commercial or Proforma invoice).

The documentation must always be submitted together with the booking via email send to (refer to the shipping number) or by attaching it in your booking or TA system where possible (eg for example in our online shipping tools such as myDHLFreight and public booking). Failure to provide correct documents may result in longer lead times and additional charges and eventually the shipment might be returned.

What is needed when I ship outside of EU?

The customer is responsible to issue the correct documents for each shipment. Documents needed may vary depending on the type of goods, the export and/or the importing country. The exporter needs EORI, which is a unique registration number that is used in all customs related activities within the EU. More about EORI can be found on

The documents that are generally required are the commercial invoice but other supporting documents are needed where it is relevant, for instance declaration of origin, Export Accompanying Document (EAD), licenses, certifications, etc. The documents need to be submitted electronically via the booking- or TA system (where applicable) or by email to (with reference to the shipment number).

What do I need to do as a customer?

We need supporting and correct documents to be uploaded in the booking- or TA-system or sent by e-mail to If export to Switzerland, and you have declaration of origin with no authorization number or using EUR1, original documents need to be posted to DHL Freight Sweden, attention: Export ad, Box 832, 25108 Helsingborg.

The invoice copy and other documentation can be submitted with the booking in some TA systems (for instance myDHLFreight). If you are unable to do so, you can submit it by email to Please enter the shipment number and preferably mark the email with "fraktdokument".

For DHL Parcel Connect shipments outside EU there should also be two copies attached to the package.

What is VOEC and what do I do with it?

For shipments to Norway, VOEC makes it possible for Swedish e-retailers to send goods without duty and additional charges that is normally paid by a Norwegian consumer. Swedish e-retailers charge for Norwegian VAT when the payment is finalized by the consumer and pays VAT to the Norwegian tax authority. VOEC is possible for most product groups (eg not food) and values up to 3000 NOK per item. If VOEC is not used, the consumer instead pays VAT, and possibly additional customs duties and charges when shipment is handed over.

If VOEC is used with DHL Parcel Connect, the VOEC number must be entered on the shipment in your booking- or TA system. The invoice must clearly state the VOEC number and the package must be clearly marked as well (preferably on the plastic pocket unless the VOEC number is printed on the transport label).

VOEC number is applied for and obtained at

What is a Certificate of Origin and what do I do with it?

When the goods is exported to a country outside the EU, the buyer may not have to pay customs duty or get a tariff reduction. The prerequisite is that it can be proved that the product has its origin in the EU for instance. The proof is done by a declaration of origin. For more information, please contact Tullverket (customs).

If exporting to Switzerland, and goods are of EU or Swiss origin and customs authority number is missing, the original documents must be posted to DHL Helsingborg (DHL Freight Sweden, to Export adm, Box 832, 25108 Helsingborg). Customs authorization numbers are handled by Tullverket.

If the value of the goods exceeds EUR 6000, an EUR1 can be used if you do not have a customs authorization number. EUR1 is applied for at Handelskammaren.

Do I need to submit documents for my shipment?

Electronical copies of your documents, such as commercial invoice, need to be submitted with your booking or separately soon after by email to The copies are needed to arrange export and import clearance.

If it is submitted separately, it needs to be done as soon as possible after your booking via email and latest on the day of pick-up. Please refer to the booking or shipment number and preferably mark the email with "fraktdokument".

In some booking or TA systems you can attach the documentation directly to your booking.

Note that DHL Parcel Connect shipments also needs two copies of the invoice attached to the package.

If export to Switzerland and you have a declaration of origin with no authorization number or using EU1, the documents need to posted to DHL Helsingborg (DHL Freight Sweden, to: Export adm, Box 832, 25108 Helsingborg).

Do I need to attach the invoice to the goods?

Only shipment with product DHL Parcel Connect require two copies to be attached to the package in addition to an electronical copy per email or via attachment in booking tool.

Do I need to post the documents to DHL?

In some cases, original documents are needed, for instance if export to Switzerland, and declaration of origin (if authorization number is missing) or EUR1 is used. If so, the original documents need to be posted to DHL Helsingborg (DHL Freight Sweden, to: Export adm, Box 832, 25108 Helsingborg).

What happens if the invoice is incorrect or missing?

If DHL Freight does not receive the correct documents, the shipment will not be further transported. As soon as correct documents have been sent, the shipment can be further processed. Please submit your documents as soon as possible in order to avoid delays and surcharges. If correct documents are not submitted, the shipment may be eventually sent in return to shipper. 

Can DHL act as my agent for my customs needs?

Yes, DHL can perform most services within customs from export and import clearance to consolidated customs clearance.

Learn more about our services in our  Value Added Services section.

Is consolidated customs clearance possible?

Consolidated customs is a value added service but requires a separate agreement. Please contact your sales contact.

Are you looking for help with a shipment that is en route?

Let’s get you over to our Tracking and Customer Service areas. Once there, simply enter your tracking number and we’ll help you track down the information you need.