Helpful Information and FAQs


  • Outsourced order fulfillment is defined as storing your inventory in a third-party warehouse where you send your orders for processing. Your fulfillment provider will then take your order, pick/pack and ship the order to your customers according to your preferences.

  • Outsourcing your order fulfillment provides you with many benefits directly impacting your business positively. Your benefits are:

    • Focus on growing your business instead of dealing with the hassles of logistics operations
    • Easily scale your order fulfillment to match your business growth
    • Access to better shipping rates due to your fulfillment provider negotiating better rates with the external carriers based on greater shipping volume
    • Further decrease in shipping cost through leveraging multiple fulfillment locations and thus having your inventory closer to the consumer
    • Full transparency on real time inventory and order data
    • Sophisticated reporting and shipment tracking functionalities
    • Entering new foreign markets with minimal investment
    • One point of contact with your fulfillment provider for all storage and shipping questions
    • Consistent high-quality SLAs globally
    • Multi-customer location setup; no capital spend required and no fixed costs
  • DHL offers you a powerful fulfillment platform which enables you to manage orders and inventory levels as well as optimize your shipping lead time and costs globally along your supply chain. This platform comes with DHL Fulfillment centers around the world with consistent and high quality fulfillment services and a broad range of value added services. The base fulfillment service contains inventory receiving & putaway, inventory storage, pick & pack, returns processing and domestic & international shipping.

  • Please see our warehouse map for an overview of all our current locations. We can offer you our fulfillment service in: Germany, The Netherlands and U.K.

Integrating With DHL

  • The DHL Fulfillment platform offers pre-built connectors to a variety of e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and other connection types. See a full list of compatible shopping carts on our technical integration page.

  • The time it takes to integrate technically with DHL depends largely on the integration option you have chosen. With our robust API, it should take no longer than 2 weeks for you to go live.

  • Yes, we also provide a robust API if you want to develop your own connection integration.

Send Products to DHL

  • DHL can offer you international freight transportation services into our warehouses globally. Please contact us, if you would like to receive more information. With regards to the local import regulations, we recommend working with a customs broker that may help you understand how to meet all legal requirements.

  • You can ship to us with DHL or any other carrier. When using your own carrier, you will be asked to send the tracking numbers you receive from your carrier when you ship your parcels or, if shipping LTL, your carrier will be asked to schedule a dock appointment for your delivery at the fulfillment center.

  • All inventory sent to DHL Fulfillment centers must be sent “Delivered Duty Paid (DDP)”, meaning free of duties, taxes, or customs. We recommend working with a customs broker, who will coordinate duty and taxes for you. DHL will not act as importer of record.

  • No. Your company, a subsidiary, or another corporate entity is the Importer of Record.

  • For a list of products DHL does not accept, refer to our Terms and Conditions. Generally, the following products are not permitted:

    • Explosive or hazardous products (except for small lithium batteries and ORM-D)
    • Temperature controlled products
    • Products requiring special permits and licenses
    • Perishable products
    • Live plants and animals
    • Ammunition and firearms
    • Oversized products

Store Products with DHL

  • Unless otherwise agreed, we permit up to 90 days of inventory to be stored within our fulfillment centers. We will provide Days of Supply reports to assist you in managing your inventory.

  • The DHL Fulfillment service comes with a pay-per-use model. No fixed costs. No capital spend required. Your inventory storage is charged per the amount of space your inventory consumes per day. Please contact our fulfillment experts  for rates.

  • Inventory information is available in a variety of ways. Many integrations will provide inventory updates to your web platform. You may also monitor your inventory levels real time online in the Inventory section of your fulfillment portal, inventory snapshot reports are also available and you may inquire inventory levels using our robust API. 

    If you want to send additional units to increase your inventory levels, you will need to inform us of additional product unit shipments you want to send to our fulfillment center by submitting a purchase order in the fulfillment portal. 

  • Our industry leading SLAs ensure that most of your orders are processed same day or next day depending on the time the order is received in the local fulfillment center.

Ship to Customers

  • There are various elements on how DHL helps you to reduce shipping spend:

    • Multiple warehouses: by shipping from fulfillment centers closer to your customers, shipping costs are lower (and shipping times are faster!).
    • Packaging optimization: our industry leading warehouse management system will ensure your orders are placed in optimal package sizes reducing shipping spend.  
    • Rate shopping: by using rate shopping we can evaluate your packages across multiple carriers to ensure your orders are shipped as inexpensively as possible, without sacrificing speed to your customer.
  • DHL Fulfillment has country specific minimum numbers of orders per day. To learn more, please contact our experts.

  • DHL Fulfillment offers multiple domestic and international shipping carrier options to worldwide locations. Based on your preferences, DHL will conduct rate shopping for fast and cost effective shipping of each and every order.

  • DHL Fulfillment offers you a solution for undeliverable orders and intended returns. DHL will provide tracking numbers and return instructions at the discretion of the merchant. This may include directing the return to the merchant or a returns facility/DHL fulfillment center.