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Case Studies

Explore real examples of Technology solutions from the world’s leading logistics provider

Browse these examples of how DHL is helping technology companies compete and win in global markets

Shipping and Transportation Solutions

We offer integrated, reliable, and flexible logistics solutions. Explore our shipping and transport customer case studies below.

Breakbulk Express

Physical consolidation to move multiple shipments; requires only one customs clearance on arrival, prior to deconsolidation

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Merge in Transit (Europe)

A simpler, cost-effective way to deliver multiple product lines to individual EU businesses and consumers

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Cross-Mode Direct Ship

Consolidation and deconsolidation for fast, flexible, and cost-effective direct delivery to businesses and consumers

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Warehousing Solutions

We understand the warehousing needs of the Technology sector and work closely with our customers to increase automation, improve digitalization and bring inventory management to the next level.

European Distribution and Fulfilment Network

Combining logistics cost efficiency with B2C expertise, accelerating consumer deliveries across the EU

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Warehouse Automation and Management

Using digitalization, robotics, and smart operations to effectively improve every aspect of warehouse management

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Last-mile Delivery and Returns

We understand that last mile delivery and returns are crucial in delivering a positive brand experience to your consumers. Explore our dedicated solutions below designed to support these stages.

B2C Delivery

Speed and reliability – meeting the many, growing demands of business-to-consumer electronics delivery

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Collect, Return and Redeployment

Optimal management and control of used network devices and consumer electronics in reverse logistics

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Subscription Fulfilment

Combining cost efficiency with B2C expertise to deliver small shipments to end customers on a regular basis

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Circular Solutions and Device Lifecycle Management Services

Discover how we provide our customers in the Technology sector with solutions designed to support circular supply chains including device lifecycle management and take back and resell programs.

Device Lifecycle Management Services

Warehousing, logistics and technical services for global internet search giants.

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Circular Solutions

A series of customer case studies focused on circular solutions for electronic devices.

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Special Handling Solutions

As a global logistics provider, we are capable of supporting the diverse and specialized needs of the Technology sector, including special handling transport. Explore our case studies below.

Secured Transportation

For the safe and secure movement of high-value goods, managing risks and delivering on agreed standards

(311.4 KB)

White Glove Services

For the safe and secure movement of high-value or highly sensitive components, products, and prototypes

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Server Logistics

For the safe and secure movement of infrastructure equipment, managing risks and delivering on agreed standards

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Value-added Services

Below we highlight a selection of our real-life customer case studies in the Technology sector, including reverse logistics and value-added services.

Aftermarket Repair Services

Reducing the time to serve by providing a one-stop reverse logistics solution

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Technical Value-added Services

Pre-sales light manufacturing and postponement activities

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Infrastructure Installation and Deployment Services

Coordinating, planning, scheduling network services for faster turnaround and cost reduction in key infrastructure

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Supply Chain Management Solutions

We are a trusted logistics partner to the Technology sector, working closely with our customers to develop specialized solutions to support their supply chains.

Customs Management Control Tower

Combining country-specific expertise with global capabilities to manage and optimize all customs clearance procedure

(335.1 KB)

Free Trade Zone / Export Processing Zone

Boosting logistics operations and effectively reducing costs with a centralized regional, tariff-free cross-dock-hub

(313.5 KB)

Global Semiconductor Capital Support Center

For safe, compliant movement of sensitive, high-value, over-sized cargo with specialized handling requirements 

(261.8 KB)

Integrated Supply Chain Management - LLP

Coordinating, planning, and scheduling the movement of goods while satisfying the needs of multiple stakeholders

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