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Shipping with DHL

Calculate landed cost

What is a Landed Cost?

A “landed cost estimate” is a calculation of the total amount you can expect to pay for transit costs and insurance charges, as well as applied duties, taxes and fees for the commodities being shipped.

Diverse and ever-changing trade regulations and requirements in different parts of the world create complexities and challenges in shipping. Designed to help simplify things, the DHL Trade Automation Services (TAS) solution provides total visibility on critical detailed trade information, all streamlined and customizable to meet your particular needs. To ensure your goods are transported as efficiently as possible, TAS provides access to millions of trade rules, giving you the information you need to ensure that your customs paperwork is filled out completely and accurately – and provide a precise landed-cost estimate.

Our online services are intuitively designed and easy-to-use, offering quality up-to-date global trade information including:

  • Landed Cost Calculator – Estimate duties, taxes and other import fees, so you know the costs upfront
  • Product Compliance – Make sure your shipment complies with each country’s import and export regulations
  • Comparison of Landed Costs and Product Compliance – Compare charges and compliance rules for up to five exporting countries
  • Trade Documentation – Generate the documents required for international trade, logistics and customs transactions
  • Interactive Commodity Code Classification – Search for Schedule B, HS and Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) commodity codes, to confirm quick and accurate product classification
  • Restricted or Denied Party Screening – Check shipper and receiver details against denied party lists maintained by governmental authorities

Benefits of Using DHL Global Trade Services:

  • Avoid customs delays that can result from having incorrect documents and licenses
  • Prevent shipments to restricted parties
  • Access customs clearance information more quickly and easily by consulting a single source
  • Get trade-related cost estimates on the front end
  • Find country clearance requirements instantly
  • Streamline trade-related processes to control costs
  • Make better sourcing and selling decisions
  • Focus on your company’s core competencies

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