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November 7, 2023
Shipping guides by country
Find out the shipping regulations, rules and customs requirements for your international shipments. Check out these shipping guides by country.
Marcelo Godoy Rigobello | October 13, 2022
Customs advice for first-time shippers
Shipping abroad for the first time? Discover more about customs duties and taxes and how to ensure your goods are cleared through customs.
Vivien Christel Vella | September 28, 2023
The DHL International Shopper Survey
Find out what shoppers in global markets expect from their e-commerce experience with the exclusive DHL Shopper Survey.
Vivien Christel Vella | February 9, 2024
International Shipping FAQs
Discover all the shipping and logistics terms your SME needs to know to navigate customs seamlessly.
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Essential guides to help your business
Anna Thompson | September 14, 2023
Logistics Jargon Buster
New to shipping and logistics? Our glossary simplifies complex terms for small business owners.
Anna Thompson | May 9, 2021
The DHL international delivery toolkit
The ultimate free DHL Express toolkit for global shipping, covering everything from packaging to last-mile delivery.
Anna Thompson | August 7, 2021
The Ultimate B2B E-commerce Guide
Keep up to date with DHL on the digitalization of the B2B operations industry.
Garry Mockeridge | June 16, 2022
The DHL Green Logistics Toolkit
Discover more about green logistics with this toolkit, including sustainable strategies you can implement to help your business become more eco-friendly.