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The DHL international delivery toolkit

Logistics advice · 15 min read

The DHL Express international shipping toolkit

Cross-border e-commerce is booming. In fact, it’s growing at twice the rate of domestic sales which means big opportunities for your business to sell to more customers across the world.

The DHL Express International Shipping Toolkit will help you navigate cross-border e-commerce, from understanding customs jargon, to the translation of your website for local markets. There are also some industry insights to boost your conversion rate – did you know, for example, that 91% of customers will check an online retailer’s delivery options before checkout?

Download the toolkit to discover:

• How to set yourself up for international e-commerce
• How to avoid cart abandonment
• Defining your global brand strategy
• How to strengthen your supply chain
• How to get the last mile right
• Global shipping final checklist

The world is waiting for your business!

Anna Thompson
Anna Thompson Discover Content Team

The DHL Global Shipping Toolkit

Download your complete global shipping guide

The DHL Global Shipping Toolkit
The DHL Global Shipping Toolkit

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