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DHL Express Flagship Stores and Service Points

Get to know our DHL Express Flagship Stores in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg as well as our Service Points across Austria. In our stores you can send your packages or documents easily, safely and quickly. We provide you with the appropriate packaging material in various sizes free of charge.
Amira Badi

Why DHL Express is one of the top employers

DHL Express is globally recognized for its inclusive workplace culture, competitive benefits, and commitment to corporate social responsibility. The company also offers internal career advancement opportunities, making it an appealing choice for employees worldwide.
Darja Paveljeva

Innovations and Challenges in Sample Shipping

The shipment of biological samples is a critical process in medical research, diagnostics, and therapeutic applications. The need to transport samples safely, quickly, and with strict temperature controls is a significant logistical challenge. This article examines the current innovations, challenges, and prospects in the field of sample shipping.

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