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What is a Landed Cost?

A “landed cost estimate” is a calculation of the total amount you can expect to pay for transit costs and insurance charges, as well as applied duties, taxes and fees for the commodities being shipped.

Calculate your Landed Cost with MyGTS

Diverse and ever-changing trade regulations and requirements in different parts of the world create complexities and challenges in shipping. To speed up international shipping and simplify customs transactions, DHL Express has developed My Global Trade Services.  

MyGTS is a free, user-friendly platform that will help you navigate all aspects of international shipping – including Landed Cost. You can log in with your existing DHL Express Business Account or register a new MyGTS account to access:

  • Pre-shipment Planner: a dedicated tool to help your business comply with all import/export regulations and calculate Landed Cost.
  • Accurate Harmonized System Codes: no more guesswork; MyGTS leverages AI to give you the correct classification for your shipment every time, making customs clearance faster. Search for HS codes using keywords or the code directory.
  • Landed Cost for goods in any country: calculate your product cost, duties & taxes, and freight charges to enhance your pricing strategy and give your customers transparency over shipping fees – which builds trust with your business.  
  • Guidance on each country’s import and export requirements before you ship – no more goods held up at borders!
  • All the documents you’ll need for fast and easy customs clearance.
  • A product catalog feature – where you can save past searches, product details and tariff codes for quicker repeat shipping.

Benefits of using MyGTS

  • Avoid customs delays that can result from having incorrect documents and licenses.
  • Prevent shipments to restricted parties.
  • Access customs clearance information more quickly and easily by consulting a single source.
  • Get trade-related cost estimates on the front end
  • Find country clearance requirements instantly.
  • Streamline trade-related processes to control costs.
  • Make better sourcing and selling decisions.
  • Focus on your company’s core competencies.

DHL: your all-in-one international shipping partner

Start your partnership with the world’s most international company to reach new cross-border markets, seamlessly, with guidance form the experts at every step.

You can log in to MyGTS with your existing DHL Express account, or register a new MyGTS account. Click below for your options.