Why DHL express is the best choice for international shipping

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Logistics plays a crucial role in supporting businesses locally and globally, ensuring continuous business operations. Many companies depend on logistics and shipping services to securely, promptly, and efficiently deliver their shipments to various destinations across the world. Finding the right logistics partner in Cambodia is vital to the success and expansion of your business globally. 

Shipping companies connect the boundaries between international borders, offering courier services throughout every supply chain stage. As a global courier service in Cambodia, DHL Express distinguishes itself through its efficiency and reliability, with 50+ years of service experience in logistics.

Amidst a competitive landscape of courier services, why should you choose DHL Express for your international shipping needs? The answer is simple: our commitment to time-critical services, advanced parcel tracking and tracing capabilities, extensive client coverage, and dedication to a cleaner and more sustainable future set us apart.

1. Large-Scale client coverage

DHL Express provides international courier services to a diverse clientele across various industries in Cambodia and worldwide. Our extensive client reach showcases the expertise and capabilities of our global team. We have assisted numerous businesses in sectors such as life sciences, healthcare, and automotive, facilitating the shipment of their products worldwide. With a global network that spans over 220 countries and territories, we provide seamless and efficient shipping solutions, enabling our customers to access new markets and expand their operations easily. 

Our diverse experience across various sectors allows us to tailor-fit our services to meet the unique needs of each industry, ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our team of specialists also ensures compliance with local, regional, and International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations, preventing any customs-related delays in delivery. With our extensive client coverage, we have earned the trust and confidence of our customers worldwide. This allows businesses to strengthen their brand reputation by partnering with a reputable and reliable logistics provider like ours.

2. TDI (Time Definite International) courier services

Whether delivering your shipments via express air or cargo shipping, you can rely on us. DHL Express’s TDI or Time Definite International courier service is their primary business product that caters to a worldwide clientele. This service offers time-critical shipping during predetermined times, which is vital in ensuring a safe and reliable delivery process from the seller in Cambodia to their international recipients. 

TDI Service

Delivered on Next Possible Day By

Express 9:00


Express 10:30


Express 12:00


Express Worldwide

End of Day

Express Envelope

End of Day

Express Easy

End of Day

Express delivery with DHL Express’s TDI service is made possible through our efficient logistics management and an extensive global air freight network comprising different airlines and company-owned aircraft. Through our diverse air network, we can adapt effectively to the ever-changing shipping demands. In addition, the majority of our air freight capacity is allocated for the express delivery of TDI shipments.

3. Track & trace services

Besides speed, DHL Express provides unparalleled transparency throughout the shipping process. From our international shipping rates to our express delivery services, we provide full disclosure to ensure trust and partnership between our clients in Cambodia and our company.

MyDHL+ is a track and trace service that provides complete visibility of your shipment's current status and location. Equipped with streamlined processes and cutting-edge technology, our international parcel tracking system offers customers a clear view of their parcel's journey from when they ship from Cambodia to the day of delivery. This real-time tracking also provides an accurate estimated delivery time and informs customers about unforeseen delays. Customers can quickly access the most up-to-date information about their shipment's location by simply entering their air waybill number.

4. Technological-advanced logistics management

In order to streamline parcel sorting, DHL Express has collaborated with Dorabot to introduce DHLBot into its operations. This innovative bot employs barcode cameras and artificial intelligence to scan the airway bill of each parcel, subsequently sorting them into designated delivery bins. Since its implementation, we have observed a remarkable 40% increase in efficiency, with DHLBot now able to sort more than 1,000 small parcels every hour. The integration of DHLBot has significantly enhanced productivity and service quality, enabling our shipping company to provide innovative logistics services to our clients in Cambodia.

5. Sustainable delivery services

DHL Express is committed to providing sustainable logistics management solutions. Aviation is a fast-growing source of emissions within the transportation sector. DHL Express plays a part by utilising sustainable aviation technology so that we can lessen our contribution to carbon emissions. Our collaboration with bp and Neste, alongside the replacement of our old 747-400 with Boeing 777 Freighters, allows us to increase the use of sustainable aviation fuel and reduce our carbon footprint.

In Cambodia, DHL Express has also adopted electric vehicle technology for shipping purposes since 2018, the first in the country. Transitioning to a commercial EV fleet helps bring us closer to our goal of reducing our logistics-related carbon emissions to zero by 2050. This includes electric delivery vans significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener Cambodia.

DHL Express: A trusted logistics partner in Cambodia 

DHL Express delivers cutting-edge, eco-friendly logistics solutions to support your business in becoming more sustainable and achieving its environmental objectives. Simultaneously, we cater to your customers' specific needs through our time-sensitive and adaptable delivery services. By opting for DHL Express as your logistics partner in Cambodia, you invest in speedy and reliable courier service and contribute to a greener future for our planet.

Sign up for a business account with DHL Express for your overseas shipping needs. Trust our international shipping expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and dedication to sustainability to offer the finest courier service experience for you and your customers. Get started with DHL Express today and embrace a sustainable, efficient future.