Same Day Services

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When Tomorrow Is Too Late

With our Same Day Services, we have a team of dedicated specialists that offer customised solutions for those urgent (and critical) shipments that require extra speed, care and attention. Same Day Service solutions are based on our customers’ unique requirements and cater for shipments of almost any size and weight, from documents to large pallet loads. 


Services include

Our Same Day Delivery Service is our specialist market leading service that ensures your goods are picked up and delivered Same Day. With a full tracked fleet and an ability to reach all 32 counties, we give you the peace of mind that your requirements can be catered for.
This service can also be arranged within Europe (both within country and cross boarder).

• Local and all Ireland Service
• Same Day pick-up and delivery
• Priority Express option available for urgent shipments
• Fully branded and tracked fleet (over 250 vehicles)
• Real time tracking and POD’s
• On-line booking available (along with award winning friendly customer service team)
• Environmental options – Go Green
• Special services available on request (e.g. wait and return)
• Out of hours options
• Bulkier shipments can be catered for

Sprintline is our dedicated InNight network across 32 counties for those urgent shipments that require additional care and attention. With multiple timed delivery options available, along with enhanced tracking and feedback, Sprintline offers additonal peace of mind for your urgent shipments (ideal for time critical shipments, such as tenders, passports, IT/Manufacturing parts, medical devices and medicines).
Sprintline service also offers individual bespoke customer requirements at point of pick up or delivery, ensuring that your customers receives the highest standard of service possible.
Sprintline service has a full next day delivery guarantee, with full service recovery, ensuring that your shipments gets there.

• 32 County Offering
• Late Collections available
• White glove service for urgent/critical deliveries (Passports, Tenders, Parts etc)
• Fully branded and tracked fleet (over 250 vehicles)
• Real time tracking and POD’s
• Special services available on request (e.g. wait and return)
• Guaranteed next day delivery (service recovery included)
• Timed delivery guaranteed (MBG on service premium)
• Environment options – Go Green

We also provide a range of Logistics services, including storage, fulfilment pick and pack, distribution and kitting.
Logistics service cater for both one off logistics special projects and regular logistics requirements, across a wide range of industries and sectors.

SME eCommerce HUB
Our SME eCommerce HUB provides the perfect environment to help support your eCommerce growth. Providing the full range of services from storage to order fulfilment and shipping, we handle the logistics, so you can focus your energy on growing sales.

• SME HUB to nurture during growth stages
• No minimum size/volume requirements
• No set-up fee’s
• Storage solutions
• Pick & Pack
• Shipping (national and global)
• Same Day shipping in Ireland
• Access to Global Network
• Bespoke solutions

Strategic Parts Centre
Available 24/7 365 days a year our Strategic part centre stores business critical parts for many of the ICT sectors biggest names. These critical nature of these parts ensure business continuity in the event of system downtime.

• Storage in full monitored secure warehouse
• Pick & Pack
• Shipping
• Access to network of over 40 engineer pick-up and drop-off (Pudo) locations across Ireland
• Same Day shipping in Ireland
• Access to timed next day deliveries
• Access to Global Network
• Bespoke solutions
• Security 24/7

On Board Courier (OBC) Service offering is a fully accompanied service were a courier will physically carry your shipment from door to door. By taking the next available flight, the courier will hand deliver your urgent shipment anywhere in the world. Ideal service for urgent shipments that are business critical and must arrive at a specified time.
How does it work exactly? Our courier picks up your shipment at the agreed time & place, after which he immediately goes to the airport. The courier checks in, takes the parcel as hand luggage and flies it to the destination airport. When they land, they take a taxi or hire a car to drive to the given delivery address and hand over the parcel personally.

• Same Day Services will pick up an urgent shipment and the courier will get it directly to more than 220 counties and territories
• On Board Courier dedicated courier who personally accompanies your shipment
• On Board Courier dedicated courier to virtually any country in the world
• Door-to-door service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• Proactive tracking and monitoring from pickup through delivery
• Pick-up within an hour of booking
• POD confirmation as soon as shipment is delivered

Next Flight Out (NFO) Service moves your shipment on the next available commercial aircraft to the destination required. In order to offer the fastest possible transit of shipments around the world, NFO service offer is a fully customisable service offered based on requirements to move from origin to destination, in the quickest possible time.
We offer customised solutions for high value or critical international shipments to over 220 countries and territories. DHL Same Day Services picks up a shipment of almost any size or weight and delivers it to its destination within hours.

• Same Day Services will pick up a shipment of virtually any size or weight and get it to its destination within hours.
• Next flight out service to more than 220 countries and territories
• Door-to-door service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• Proactive tracking and monitoring from pickup through delivery
•Pick-up within an hour of booking
• POD confirmation as soon as shipment is delivered
• Oversized, overweight shipments, anywhere in the world
• Slower service options for larger shipments also available

Do you want to send an important shipment to the other side of the world? Then choose our air charter service.
After all, there are numerous reasons why you should opt for private air transport. You can easily reach a remote destination. You can determine the flight planning yourself. You save time and everything is completely flexible. Everything is transported according to your conditions.
We arrange a plane or helicopter especially for your shipment. An air charter is the only way to fly completely on your terms. Whether it’s documents, parcels or heavy goods, everything is possible. Everything delivered fast and safe with Same Day Services.

No logistics challenge is too big for our Same Day Services couriers and experts. We can arrange everything for you from A to Z quickly with our tailor-made service. All your shipments are delivered quickly and safely – no more worries or stress!
Our Same Day Services team can build a unique bespoke service offering based on your individual business requirement.

Service examples include,
- Dedicated Vehicle Operation (DVO) – would you like to remove the hassle of managing your own delivery fleet? DVO solution offers a dedicated outsourced model for your business deliveries, which allows you focus on your core business.
- Technical Couriers – Does your business require some product set-up on site at the point of delivery. This can be arranged with our technical couriers.
-  One off Logistic and Transport Solutions – DHL Same Day Services team can provide a customised service for one off projects, across distribution, warehousing and fulfilment services, tailored to your business requirements.

The transport of hazardous goods is best left to specialists. The legislation (IATA – ADR) for the transport of dangerous goods is very strict.
These shipments require appropriate packaging, correct labelling and the right documents. The danger must be known at all times.
These are matters in which we can assist you. Transporting these goods requires specially trained drivers and employees, so it is best to leave this to specialists. We take care of the shipment worldwide, both by road and by air. No more stress or headaches when you have to ship hazardous goods.


No, it is not necessary to have a DHL account number. You can make bookings using a credit card. Alternatively, if you do have a DHL Express account, you have the option to ship on account and receive invoices in the usual manner.

Certainly! With our Sameday Service, we will arrange for a dedicated vehicle that meets your shipment's specific requirements. It will travel directly to the destination, and you'll have access to real-time tracking throughout the entire journey.

Rest assured, our Sprintline Service not only guarantees timely delivery but also includes a comprehensive service recovery guarantee. In the rare circumstance that your shipment deviates from the direct InNight courier route, we will promptly arrange for same-day delivery as part of our guaranteed service recovery. This additional feature ensures your peace of mind and guarantees the successful and punctual arrival of your shipment.

Our Sprintline Service offers timed deliveries across Ireland and can accommodate bespoke customer requirements at the point of delivery. Just let us know your needs, and we'll take care of the rest!

Our Next Flight Out (NFO) services are designed to handle shipments of all sizes, delivering to and picking up from over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Additionally, we provide an On-Board Courier (OBC) solution for urgent shipments that demand exceptional attention and speed. With OBC, a dedicated courier will collect your shipment and personally accompany it on the next available flight, ensuring a hand-delivery at the destination.

We specialise in providing bespoke customer solutions based on specific project requirements, covering, transport, storage and pick and pack services. Speak to our Sales team about your requirements to get a customised quotation.

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