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Aviation and Travel Industry Solutions

DHL Supply Chain, your  trusted partner, delivering sustained levels of performance, quality, safety and service within a complex industry. 

With our certified aviation logistics expertise, you can implement a unified, dynamic supply chain, enabled by technology and data, that consistently delivers high performance, an enhanced passenger experience and reduced costs, while ensuring your workforce is engaged. 

Our people

Recruiting, training and retaining premier talent in an inclusive environment means that we can increase customer satisfaction, improve speed to market and provide long-term value.​

Quality and Compliance

We have rigorous policies and standards in place to ensure we meet your needs for the highest quality and compliance in our operations.

Optimising Your Operations

Our highly skilled logistics experts work with you across the supply chain - continually searching for opportunities to optimise every day operations, implement flexibility, compliance and sustainability. 


By jointly creating a roadmap, our aim is to significantly improve efficiencies and future-proof your supply chain, by providing end-to-end visibility and control by using new technologies. 

Specific Services and Capabilities

Ground Handling
  • Passenger Services
  • Flight Operations
  • Ramp and Baggage Operations
Cabin Appearance
  • Turnaround Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Water and Waste
Airport Logistics
  • Consolidation Centres  
  • Waste and Recycling 
  • Transfer Baggage Services
  • Baggage Repatriation 
  • Catering logistics
Rail Logistics
  • Last mile catering logistics
  • Retail cart pick and pack
  • Product tracking and ordering

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