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Large Item Home Delivery

Delivering the experience of ‘shopping with you’ into the homes of your customers

If you need to deliver sofas, beds, kitchens, bathrooms, white goods, DIY products or furniture, our Large Item Home Delivery solution reaches every UK postcode every day with a focus on customer service, meaning you can deliver an unbeatable service to customers without any geographical restrictions.

We offer the flexibility to suit your specific storage needs – dedicated, shared or a mix of the two – and your products are handled with the quality they deserve. Plus, our solution also makes it easy for your customers to book, track and receive their products.

Secure Warehousing

With DHL, your goods are stored safe and securely within our network of 44 strategic locations. Allowing us to deliver them anywhere across the UK.

Flexible Delivery

Our Two-Person Delivery teams deliver your goods to the location designated by your customer.  Your customers can pick their delivery dates, times and provide pre-delivery instructions and driver feedback.

Unpacking, Assembly, Installation and Returns

We can assemble and install items, such as furniture or electrical appliances. When we unpack, we’ll also remove and dispose any packaging and replaced appliances, furniture or mattresses.

Exceptional Customer Service

Operated by a highly trained customer service team with full order tracking, our team provides full visibility of products across the customer delivery journey.

Specific Services and Capabilities

Minimizing Failed Deliveries
  • Consumer control of appointments with booking portal
  • Convenient delivery dates and two hour booking windows
  • Appointment confirmation and reminders messages
  • Rescheduling capabilities
  • Morning of and one-hour prior phone calls
  • Delivery location assessment using technologies such as What3Words
Making Sustainability Our Business
  • Sustainability leader in logistics
  • Commitment to a zero emissions target
  • Services include packaging and old appliances so we can recycle and minimize landfill
  • Greener fleet with new vehicle powertrains such as gas and electric
Continuous Improvement
  • Solicit after-delivery driver feedback
  • Easy to access general satisfaction survey

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