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No more excuses: Building a diverse and inclusive future

To mark World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, we caught up with Michael Wiedemann, President, Global Energy Sector at DHL. 

In his own words: Andris Nelsons on the meaning of music

The emotional impact of conducting at the Gewandhaus

Helping bees get to blossoms

Bees don’t take days off. Even today – on World Bee Day – they’re busy performing the critical service of making sure wild and cultivated plants across the globe get pollinated.

Working together through the crisis

Delivered. talks to Oscar de Bok, CEO of DHL Supply Chain, about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how his organization is helping to keep critical goods moving across the world

On the Frontlines: NHS braves the pandemic

The last few months have been full of trials for the UK, caused by the global health crisis and subsequent medical equipment shortages. But in the face of adversity, we saw the emergence of the real heroes in our society - the courageous medical staff and frontline workers who put their lives on the line so others could live to see another day.

All Hands On Deck: How critical life sciences and healthcare cargo keeps moving to safeguard patient health during the global COVID-19 crisis

Global teams at DHL work around the clock to safeguard supply chains for key medical products and respirators across the world.

All Together Now: How the world comes together in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Beneath the gloomy and dramatic coronavirus headlines are stories of collaboration and dedication. People, companies and countries help each other through the  COVID-19 crisis.

Star Studded Lineup in Formula 1® Virtual Grand Prix

With events cancelled or postponed, Formula 1® is turning to the virtual world of esports to keep the tyres warm. And it isn’t coming empty handed: the lineup at 2020 Virtual Grand Prix shines bright.

Big words vs big inventions: Which tech innovations have lived up to their promise?

As the 21st century enters its third decade, have the big innovations of the past few years delivered on their early promise?

Three questions for Alexander Gunde

President, Global Technology Sector, DHL

Innovation at the edge of the network

The enterprise computing market has changed radically in recent years. Now it’s changing again, and field service operations must be ready to adapt.

5 Mother’s Day gift ideas for the One who loved you first

Everything in our lives has a story behind it. But behind all your stories is always – your mother’s story. Find a way to show her some love on Mother’s Day.

Demand and supply in deep space – How NASA plans a permanent return to the moon

NASA is planning a permanent return to the moon, which first means building a supply chain from Earth to a lunar outpost called Gateway.

Every thing connected: The newest wireless technologies promise exponential change

The first generations of wireless technology helped billions of people to communicate. The next will help billions of things to do so too.

All to Play For: How can Companies tap into the massive Online Games market?

Even before the widespread lockdown due to the corona virus, online gaming had billions of users worldwide. Now this form of entertainment has, literally, gone viral. How can businesses serve this huge market and step up to its opportunities?

What's the big idea?

The tech innovations already shaping our world
When this issue was first planned and put together, the world around us was a very different one. Now we are facing an extraordinary situation. COVID-19 has disrupted all of our lives, and it’s hard to predict when things will return to normal.

We considered whether we should publish an issue at all – and our conclusion was “Yes, we must.” Why? Because we believe that, despite the unprecedented situation we are all facing, food for thought and business insights are still needed, as we must stay on top of trends in order to be geared up for when times return to normal. And I believe that, here and there, during these challenging times, we also need to give ourselves time to direct our focus away from crisis and turmoil and allow some mental space for learning or inspiration.

Better food for thought?

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