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Cold chain, hot topic

As large-scale COVID-19 vaccination programs began, attention turned to the challenges of distribution and delivery. Katja Busch, Chief Commercial Officer at DHL, tells Delivered. how the company is supporting the roll-out of the largest vaccination campaign in history.

Best of Delivered. 2020

After a tumultuous 2020, we are all looking for the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel that will ultimately deliver a happier, more prosperous 2021. Allow us to begin 2021 with a review of the most read articles from Delivered. in 2020.

The road ahead: The Automotive industry needs to gear up for change

What role will new technologies play in helping it succeed?

The coronavirus pandemic brought the global automotive sector to an abrupt halt. Will it also change the industry’s route going forward?

A Fairer World: How can small businesses in some of the world’s poorest countries get a chance to grow through global trade?

To improve the lives of their citizens, developing countries need to be able to trade globally. Unfortunately, that’s sometimes easier said than done. Now, a new initiative has been launched by the Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) to drive positive change and make it easier for small businesses in developing nations to thrive through trade.

SpaceX and Tesla are flying high. Elon Musk’s hero companies are serial disruptors.

What do they have in common?

Tesla and SpaceX share a charismatic owner and a determination to disrupt their respective sectors. But do the two businesses have something more fundamental in common?

Gearing up for Autonomy: Meet Janine Montforts, the smart mind involved in accelerating the future of autonomous driving

Century-old automotive supplier ZF is retooling itself for a future of autonomous driving and advanced mobility systems.

Pit Stop: As Formula 1 celebrates its 70th anniversary, there is no stopping the race to continued success

How Formula 1 remains the pinnacle of motorsport, and has grown from small beginnings into a global sport worth billions.

Built to Last: How Levi Strauss, the world’s most iconic denim brand, manages to stay relevant and capture new markets

COVID-19 devastated the world’s retail landscape, but that didn’t stop Levi Strauss. A combination of swift fixes, strategic innovation and clever thinking steered the company through the crisis.

Exponential Growth: Latin America promises to be a key new growth market for e-commerce

With a large urban population and widespread use of smartphones, Latin America is seeing a surge in e-commerce as the COVID-19 pandemic pushes up demand from both consumers and merchants.

Gateway to the Americas: Discover Panama’s strategy to be in pole position in Latin America

Since the first European explorer landed in Panama, the country’s potential as a trade hub has been heralded as a port with two oceans. The government now wants to make it the most attractive gateway for business in Latin America, including for e-commerce as it booms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Retail versus e-tail – the next chapter

Partly because of COVID-19, Saudi Arabia is now one of the largest emerging e-commerce markets within the Middle East.

EZDubai – A catalyst to the UAE’s vision, redefining the future of e-commerce in the region

The current pandemic has changed the way in which business is conducted, and its impact has been monumental in the Middle East.

Luxury retail: add to cart

Long before words like lockdown and pandemic became part of our everyday vernacular, retail was already struggling to find its place in a world that finds itself increasingly divided between digital interactions and IRL (aka “in real life”) scenarios.

Going global: a lifeline for SMEs amid Covid-19

Around the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically altered the way businesses reach their customers, care for their employees and plan for the future. 

There is no excellence without diversity

It’s no use simply bolting diversity and inclusion initiatives on to your corporate strategy. Diversity must be firmly embedded into your company’s culture – and become part of its DNA.

Three questions for Fathi Tlatli

President, Global Auto-Mobility Sector, DHL

Global Trade - Connected

An interconnected world is a better world. With the Connected World program, DHL provides a contextual framework of the various initiatives that support, enhance and facilitate globalization through its international network and global reach of companies, organizations and enterprise.

Resilient Flows in a Volatile World: The Covid-19 pandemic has not managed to break global connections

The coronavirus pandemic might have dented the world’s global connections, but it hasn’t broken them, according to the latest edition of DHL’s Global Connectedness Index.

Fashion-forward: How coal miners turned into unlikely catwalk heroes

Drawing from mining heritage and tradition, Grubenhelden honors its home region while creating a sustainable streetwear brand.

Celebrating Small Business: For communities around the world, small business entrepreneurs are a big deal

Small Business Saturday was brought to life by American Express in 2010 and is all about encouraging people to support small businesses and benefit local communities. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting hard and the 10th anniversary of the day rolling around, there is no better time to celebrate small business entrepreneurs around the world.

Fine-tuned for the future

How the auto-mobility industry is gearing up for change
The automotive sector has been particularly affected by the coronavirus, with a fall in sales and the closure of assembly lines and vehicle dealerships around the world. With the industry in the early stages of recovery, our Focus feature asks what it might look like, post-pandemic.
Of course, it’s well used to dealing with disruption, usually of the technological kind. In our Executive View, Janine Montforts, an executive with long-established automotive supplier ZF, reveals how the company is gearing up to face further change in a future era of autonomous vehicles and advanced mobility systems.
One sector that has seen a massive uptick because of the coronavirus is e-commerce. Take jeans retailer Levi Strauss, which saw its e-commerce sales up 70% in June 2020 compared with the same month in 2019. Daniele Cipolletti, Levi’s Operations Manager, Europe, tells us how flexibility and strategic thinking helped the company successfully navigate its way through the pandemic. We also report on the e-commerce boom in Latin America and the challenges that lie ahead if the sector in this part of the world is to continue to grow long term.

Tailor-made for success

Why e-commerce is all the fashion in Latin America
I think you’ll agree with me that there was a tremendous increase in e-commerce at the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic – the accelerated development we saw in a matter of weeks was probably equivalent to that of the previous five years. More consumers started to shop online, doing so more frequently than ever before and with a growing sense of confidence and familiarity. What’s more, this trend was evident across a broad range of industries, particularly within the healthcare sector.
Many companies in retail and fashion experienced huge demand spikes, and these sometimes triggered shortages and capacity issues. In response, a lot of thought has been given to completely reinventing business models, shifting sales toward online channels and, where necessary, enabling bricks-and-mortar stores to provide local fulfillment. In this special issue of Delivered., we talk to two fast-thinking fashion names to find out how they innovated their way out of a crisis, driving up their e-commerce sales as a result: world-famous Levi Strauss and going-places new streetwear brand Grubenhelden. We also find out why e-commerce is experiencing huge growth in the markets of Latin America and the Middle East.

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