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Driving Change 2.0

On June 24, Saudi Arabia and empowered people all over the world celebrate the second anniversary of women driving in the Kingdom.

Propping up the front line

As COVID-19 rages across the world, DHL and its workers toil tirelessly to transport life-saving assistance and goods where they’re most needed.

Data life

Life sciences companies are using new digital approaches to transform their use of data in manufacturing and the wider supply chain.

Three questions for Larry St. Onge

Larry St. Onge - President, Life Sciences & Healthcare, DHL

Healthcare for the planet

Sustainability is climbing the agenda for life sciences and healthcare companies. Now the sector wants to prove that it can deliver greater benefits to society with fewer costs for the environment.

Delivering healthcare products in a time of need

How Medtronic developed from its inception in its founder’s garage to the world’s biggest medical-device company, making patients the focus of its supply chain mission.

The spirit of resilience

Learning to become more resilient is vital so that when setbacks occur, we can be ready to face them head on – and come back stronger.

Rebooting retail

With store closures now an everyday occurrence in leading retail regions, the coronavirus crisis forcing stores to close across the globe, an economic recession and the sanitary crisis, how will traditional retailers survive and thrive in this new environment and with new consumer expectations and behavior?

Three questions for Mirella Muller

Mirella Muller - President, eRetail & Fashion Sector/Global eCommerce, DHL

Delivering cargo at hypersonic speed

Could hypersonic transport become a reality in future? Co-imagined by Canadian inventor Charles Bombardier and designer Drew Blair, the BlueEdge Mach 8-10 Hypersonic Freighter is a concept plane whose speed would revolutionize cargo transport.

Master of disaster

Chris Weeks, Director for Humanitarian Affairs, DPDHL Group, describes working on the front lines on Disaster Response Teams around the world, and how the “pretty resilient” human spirit helps us pull through.

Supply chains in crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has been an unprecedented shock for global supply chains. How are they responding?

Supply Chain Guru Prof. Richard Wilding explains supply chain challenges during COVID-19

One of the world’s leading logistics experts gives his assessment of how COVID-19 has impacted the interconnected world of demand and supply.

The debate with Kirstie McIntyre and Monika Schaller

Question: Climate change was among the most dominant public topics before the COVID-19 crisis. Will it ever regain the level of public concern and awareness that it had before? When will we be able to take the long view again?

Crisis management – remain in control!

 As the founder of LeaderTrip Coaching®, Inc., Sven Gade supports his clients to develop exceptional teams, to drive necessary change and to successfully achieve ambitious goals.

Putting climate change on the curriculum

Sally Brooks, Executive Principal of Fulham Cross Academy Trust in London, is an eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher, helping students and staff to better understand the issues and become part of the solution.

Feeling the winds of change on Global Wind Day 2020

The world’s population is growing, and so too is our demand for energy. On Global Wind Day 2020, join me in considering how wind technology has evolved, and the role it could play in the energy sector in the crucial years ahead.

Know which way the wind blows

In a seemingly random manner of natural calamities, hurricanes can cause widespread destruction and regularly disrupt supply chains all over the globe. But is it possible to predict them?

Walk on

How resilience can help you weather the storm
The coronavirus crisis, which has affected every industry at unnerving speed, has underlined how vital it is for businesses to respond rapidly to new challenges in increasingly inventive ways. Those that can react quickly and creatively have a better chance of bouncing back from disruption and damage. These companies truly know the secret of resilience, which is a theme running through this issue of Delivered.
To be resilient, you have to be able to accept and then adapt to your new reality. Companies in the life sciences and healthcare sector (LSH) understand this only too well. COVID-19 has highlighted the incredible skills and expertise of innovative LSH teams across the world – and continues to do so. Their response to supply chain shocks caused by the current crisis has been remarkable and, as our Focus article points out, includes employing new digital approaches to transform the use of data in manufacturing and the wider supply chain. It’s comforting to know that while LSH companies remain laser focused on helping people in the present, they also realize they must make improvements to their operations for a more resilient future.

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