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Celebrating Small Business: For communities around the world, small business entrepreneurs are a big deal

Small Business Saturday was brought to life by American Express in 2010 and is all about encouraging people to support small businesses and benefit local communities. With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hitting hard and the 10th anniversary of the day rolling around, there is no better time to celebrate small business entrepreneurs around the world.

Delivered. meets Michael Wiedemann

The new president of DHL’s Energy Sector is determined to keep supporting customers through challenging times by powering our world together.

Power with purpose

Energy companies fueled the industrial revolution. Now they’re powering society’s next evolution.

A rainbow over Bergamo

DHL’s Rainbow Plane, a specially branded Boeing 757 that flew to 45 destinations, made a momentous stop in Bergamo – referred to in the DHL Network by its IATA code, BGY – to thank some 350 colleagues who had been working tirelessly around the clock.

The debate with Dr. Auma Obama and Anita Gupta

Most of the world’s leaders are – still – men. Increasingly, however, some of the most prominent and respected leaders are women.

Three questions for Michael Wiedemann

President, Energy Sector, DHL

Long-term responsibilities

A broad energy company setting itself on the path to carbon neutrality.

View to a digital future

Made in the shadow of a global pandemic, the forecasts in this year’s DHL Logistics Trend Radar reveal the accelerated adoption of new technologies, as well as industry resilience and sustainability.

Fortune favors the brave

In spring 2020, northern Italy was in the grip of the COVID-19 crisis and the small city of Bergamo became the European epicenter of the pandemic. With an entire region under lockdown and hit full force by what would become a global crisis of epic proportions, teams at the DHL hubs in Bergamo and Milan went into overdrive to deliver critical goods. Now they are looking to the future with confidence once more.

A new dynamic

Maria Caterina Benincasa, Import Supervisor, Customs Department, Bergamo Hub, reveals how DHL staff rose to the challenge of working from home during the pandemic in order to get life-saving equipment to customers.

The office – but not as you know it

Since COVID-19 struck, working from home and virtual meetings are no longer a novelty. But how are we coping with this new world – and has everything changed for good? What does the future hold for companies and their employees?

Delivered. upskills with Bright Jaja

The entrepreneurial Nigerian-born CEO of iCreate Africa explains why he’s on a mission to rebrand vit al skills such as welding and plumbing and make them more appealing to young people.

Africa, now is your time!

The liberation of young Africa’s energy and drive, together with the continent’s immense natural wealth and abundant environmental and cultural resources, could launch a power and passion as potent and transformational as the time when the first humans left Africa about 1.5 million years ago to spread across and prevail over the world, believes Amadou Diallo, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding Middle East and Africa.

Printing to protect others

To meet the huge demand for visors needed by intensive care doctors during the coronavirus pandemic, technician Philipp Otto repurposed the 3D printers at the Deutsche Post branch in Hagen, Germany, to produce them.

Achieving closure

At the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in northern Italy, DHL closed its busy hub at Bergamo airport. It was an unprecedented decision and a huge logistical challenge which forced staff to be flexible – and ultimately saved lives.

Driving Change 2.0

On June 24, Saudi Arabia and empowered people all over the world celebrate the second anniversary of women driving in the Kingdom.

Facing the future

Why sustainable development is the watchword for a changing energy sector
Big oil and gas companies are currently busy transforming themselves into providers of clean, sustainable energy for the future. In this issue, our Focus article looks at how they are changing and the demands they are facing, including making sure the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t derail their ambitions. The scale of these challenges certainly isn’t rattling energy giant Total. As we discover in our Executive View, the company is determined to get to net-zero emissions by 2050.
Of course, when times are tough, any company, organization – or country, for that matter – requires strong, decisive leadership. But is it a coincidence that countries with female leaders seem to have dealt with the coronavirus particularly well? In our new Debate series, Dr. Auma Obama shares her thoughts and recalls how her own childhood in Kenya influenced the way she deals with difficult situations. Staying in Africa, we meet leading Nigerian entrepreneur Bright Jaja who is championing skills development across the continent, while Amadou Diallo, CEO, DHL Global Forwarding, insists that with its limitless resources and resourcefulness, The time for Africa is now!

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