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Fashion meets its match – How creative collaboration can enhance brand positioning

Brand collaborations are all the rage. Joining forces in fashion or accessories is the way forward and can create a win for both brands – if you choose the right partner and create synergies that make sense.

There is no excellence without diversity

It’s no use simply bolting diversity and inclusion initiatives on to your corporate strategy. Diversity must be firmly embedded into your company’s culture – and become part of its DNA.

Why diversity and inclusion should always be on the menu

Arslan Gilliani and Sotirios Krastilis – who work at Deutsche Post DHL Group's Post Tower headquarters in Bonn – come from very different backgrounds and have very different jobs. What connects them?

Diversity Matters: Working together through the pandemic

Two colleagues from DHL Express Saudi Arabia reveal how unity helped everyone thrive during an exceptionally busy time in the coronavirus pandemic, and explain why businesses do better with a balanced team.

The female factor: Why gender diversity delivers big benefits for business

A diverse workforce is vital for any company with ambitions to be a leader in its field – something that DPDHL takes extremely seriously. But are companies doing enough to attract and promote women? 

Helping everyone thrive in an inclusive environment

Smart companies know that diversity is the way to success because talent comes in all nationalities, ages, backgrounds – and abilities.

Coming Back Greener: Response to the COVID-19 crisis accelerates global efforts to fight climate change

The coronavirus crisis could have stalled global efforts to fight climate change. Instead, it looks set to accelerate them.

In the Zone: The future of office space set up for agile work at DHL Consulting

A paradigm shift at work: a CEO without their own office, peaceful quiet zones, dedicated spaces for collaborating and a kitchen stocked with healthy goodies and good coffee... Welcome to New Work!

Cold chain, hot topic

As large-scale COVID-19 vaccination programs began, attention turned to the challenges of distribution and delivery. Katja Busch, Chief Commercial Officer at DHL, tells Delivered. how the company is supporting the roll-out of the largest vaccination campaign in history.

The Debate with Lee Spratt and Jens Torchalla

As consumers stayed home and took to online shopping in unprecedented numbers, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the pace of e-commerce exponentially in many countries. Will this period therefore transform retail forever? 

Out of Office: Discover the best ways to stay productive and motivated in the remote workspace

Last year presented businesses with unprecedented challenges, and 2021 looks set to move at an accelerated pace for many. How can managers motivate themselves and their teams to keep up, keep busy and deliver?

6 big opportunities for engineering, manufacturing and energy companies to improve their supply chain processes in the wake of the pandemic

The transition to effective supply chains necessitated by COVID-19 disruption will continue to require flexible, inventive solutions to overcome immediate challenges and point the way to long-term change.

Road to Recovery: How China has managed to set its economy back on course

Despite the ravages of COVID-19 in 2020, China managed to turn around its lockdown-hit markets to lead global economic recovery. The country now remains on track to become the largest economy in the world.

Delivered. explores the lunar surface with Astrobotic’s Michael Provenzano

There are numerous challenges involved in the design of moon exploration vehicles, says the Director of Planetary Mobility at space tech company Astrobotic. But there are incredible opportunities too.

On the Right Track: China-Europe rail’s explosive growth

As global air and ocean shipping lines went down during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses turned to rail to keep supply chains between China and Europe open.

Three questions for Eric Gantier

President, Global Engineering, Manufacturing and Energy Sector, DHL

The End of Winning: How to become a successful loser

Ultimately, we are all losers. But we can learn how to lose, and love to lose. And as losers, the future belongs to us. In his essay, business leader and enthusiastic loser Tim Leberecht tells us how.

The high-flying career of DHL pilot Maria Friedrich

Maria Friedrich is a DHL pilot flying freight to destinations across Europe. She explains why she’s happiest in the air, and how she kick-started an eye-catching way for the company to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

Best of Delivered. 2020

After a tumultuous 2020, we are all looking for the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel that will ultimately deliver a happier, more prosperous 2021. Allow us to begin 2021 with a review of the most read articles from Delivered. in 2020.

SpaceX and Tesla are flying high

Tesla and SpaceX share a charismatic owner and a determination to disrupt their respective sectors. But do the two businesses have something more fundamental in common?

The supply chain in focus

How engineering and manufacturing can gear up for the post-pandemic future
There’s every reason to be optimistic that 2021 will be a better year than 2020. Still, COVID-19 continues to dominate the global agenda, and this issue of Delivered. reflects that fact.
One thing all businesses have in common at the moment – whatever their sector – is mitigating the impact of the pandemic. For many companies, not least in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, the key focus is squarely on ensuring the security of supply chains. But as our Sector Focus article asks: Might they find a silver lining to this crisis? Could it offer players an opportunity to make significant supply chain improvements that could ultimately transform their processes, and actually create opportunities in their post-COVID-19 future?
Some businesses have dealt with the pandemic better than others. But so have some countries. Take China. In 2020, its GDP plunged and its future looked uncertain. Yet by the end of the year, China had the virus largely contained and recovered its footing, and is now back on its growth trajectory. How did it achieve this turnaround? You can find out in our Country Focus.

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