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Success Story

Helping Oakmont scale their business internationally

Oakmont Europe, retailer of nicotine products, needed reliable and flexible fulfillment of customer orders across several countries.

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Customer Challenge

  • Reliable and flexible delivery from Czech Republic to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and US
  • Provider that can help achieve future growth

Our Solution

  • DHL’s fulfillment network and capabilities offers reliability and flexibility in international markets
  • Allows visibility of inventory to aid business planning
  • Integrates with WooCommerce and other webshops

Customer Benefits

  • Oakmont’s business can rely on DHL as a fulfillment partner for best-in-class delivery times, stock management, and to support their growth plans in new markets
  • Easy WooCommerce integration

Customer Challenge

“We were looking for a perfect marriage of high-quality fulfillment along with professional visibility of inventory,” says Jesse Juusela, Manager of Oakmont’s Snuffstore. “We have multiple product lines and we need to keep a tight view on sales and stock, in order to meet customer orders and capitalize on opportunities.”

Oakmont had established themselves in the market for nicotine products in Germany with Snuffstore, an ambitious and bold seller of snuff, chewing tobacco, nicotine pouches and more. They also sell to customers in Austria, the Netherlands and the US. With an extremely comprehensive and high quality product range in Germany, they needed an efficient and flexible fulfillment partner in order to maintain their reputation among their customers.

They needed their fulfillment to integrate well with their webshop – Oakmont uses WooCommerce – to allow them visibility on their inventory and to deliver seamless service.

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Our Solution

“We reviewed various providers, and DHL offered the best option,” Jesse says, “as they have the professional experience and network we need to be able to keep our promises to our customers. Oakmont’s products are warehoused by DHL, who then pick and pack them, and manage the last-mile linehaul.

“We worked closely with DHL over the set-up phase, as we needed to ensure the integration with DHL and our webshop WooCommerce, which we were already using, worked perfectly,” remarks Jesse. “Now that we are several months in, things are getting better and better, and everything is going smoothly.

Jesse is also pleased with the ticket-based system of customer service support, which lightens the load on emails, and instead allows them to tap into a reliable support team at DHL who can help him when he has a query or request.

Customer Benefits

Oakmont is proud to maintain the tradition of snuff dating back over 300 years, and marry this with a keen eye on professionalism and the innovations of their industry, particularly supporting smaller manufacturers.

“We have ambitious plans to scale up, and sell our products in several other countries in Europe through our webshop, and we already have various marketing activities planned,” Jesse says, in a nod to the huge opportunities that the growth in e-commerce offers the company. “We have already spoken to DHL about the support they can offer us in reaching new markets.

“If another e-commerce company asked me whether it’s worth outsourcing their fulfillment and using the DHL Fulfillment Network, I would say do it,” says Jesse. “The benefits are so great, and will outweigh any concerns you may have. You get so much more value when you work with a great fulfillment provider.”

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