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Quick and Easy Integration With Shopify Opens Up European Distribution for Start-Up

Founded in 2018, ODI Pharma is a Stockholm-based start-up that distributes medical cannabis finished products in Europe under governmental supervision.

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It strives to improve the lives of its patients and clients by providing a state-of-the-art product, initiating and supporting research and promoting alternative ways of medication.

Customer Challenge

  • Expand market reach
  • Transparency
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Security

DHL Supply Chain Solution

  • DHL Fulfillment Network
  • Shopify integration via DHL app
  • Support and maintenance by DHL
  • 25,000 parcels per year to target markets

Customer Benefits

  • Standardized DHL Fulfillment Network services
  • Fast, easy IT integration
  • Scalability and volume enabled
  • Strategic warehouse location

Customer Challenge

As a relatively new start-up, ODI Pharma looked to increase the visibility of its brand and expand its market reach and e-commerce footprint. This applied not just to its home market of Sweden, but also across Europe – the Polish market in particular.

Since ODI Pharma’s products are classed as narcotics, it was crucial that its logistics support should ensure transparency and allow end-to-end visibility throughout the supply chain.

With the nature of the product, the need to prevent tampering and unauthorized access was a high priority and the overriding factor when it came to choosing a partner.

DHL Supply Chain Solution

DHL Supply Chain’s long experience in handling pharmaceutical products, together with its expertise in safety measures, made it the perfect partner for ODI Pharma.

ODI Pharma became a customer of the DHL Fulfillment Network which serves small and mediumsized e-commerce businesses via its network of 30 fulfillment centers across the continent.

ODI Pharma is integrated with Shopify, based on the direct connection to the marketplace via our DHL app. This option enabled fast implementation and guarantees full support and maintenance by DHL, without any additional activities being required of the customer.

As a result, DHL now handles 25,000 orders per year, with shipment services provided by DHL Parcel.

From the DHL Fulfillment Network’s warehouse in Mönchengladbach ODI Pharma’s products are currently distributed to Germany, Sweden, Poland, France and Switzerland.

Customer Benefits

The partnership between DHL Supply Chain and ODI Pharma includes the standardized DHL Fulfillment Network services, from inbound handling and storage, to picking and packing and B2C deliveries.

The fast, easy IT integration with Shopify was a huge benefit for the company, enabling it to focus on its core business.

Having deployed the DHL Fulfillment Network solution, ODI Pharma is now able to scale its early-stage business and deliver its products at a high volume.

Another significant benefit is the strategic location of the warehouse in Mönchengladbach. This not only enables costefficient transport to the Scandinavian countries and Poland, but also the immediate proximity to the largest European countries, Germany and France.

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