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This is what scaling fast looks like!

Do you recognize this scenario? You’re currently fulfilling orders from a small number of distribution centers (or maybe just one), and your business is growing – quickly, and into new countries. You need a new approach – and quickly! There must be a way to scale up, while maintaining value for money, and control and visibility of your stock. There is. Let us tell you about the extraordinary journey of one of the DHL Fulfillment Network’s customers.

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International growth… now!

Andreas Bicking, VP DHL Fulfillment Network, takes up the story: “With an ambitious global roll-out plan and a very positive response by their consumers, our customer needed to deliver a lot more: more products to more customers in more countries around the globe.

“Initially, they were fulfilling orders from just one distribution center. This meant shipments were taking a long time to arrive, and shipping costs were high. To top it off, sending single orders to international locations meant their pile of customs and regulatory paperwork was becoming enormous.”

Growing fast... but remaining flexible

The customer knew they needed to start fulfilling orders from more than one site, but they did not know where exactly product sales would be taking off – either now or in future. “They needed a fulfillment operation that was fast but also flexible, allowing them to adapt their requirements to fit their needs over time,” explains Andreas.

“The DHL Fulfillment Network proved a great fit, as it is so scalable. We successfully launched with them on just one of our sites, and then quickly scaled up, adding six more of our sites in only six months.” This customer now distributes their stock across more than ten DHL Fulfillment Network sites. “And they did all this without a fixed investment in warehouses: they use our existing sites and our existing network and they scaled up to suit their own needs.”

Benefits for customers… and consumers

The benefits are very real and significant.

Happy customer (especially their CFO!)

Reduced shipment costs, and reduced paperwork involved in international orders, mean higher profits for our customer.

Happy consumers

Reduced delivery times (in some cases from over 6 days to just 1 day), meant an important improvement in the consumer experience and better product reviews online.

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Innovation in inventory management

Another major benefit is that customers can access their data centrally on one platform – their shipments, their stock levels, their in- and outbound deliveries per site. It feels like managing one ‘virtual’ warehouse.  The DHL Fulfillment Network’s advanced inventory insights platform offers customers a global overview of their inventory and sales, and means they can drill down into this for more site-specific detail. “Big data, small team,” summarizes Andreas: “Our customers can keep their logistics team small and use our data and tools to help them steer a global supply-chain and drive customer satisfaction.”

How can my company benefit too?

“The concept of de-centralized fulfillment has relevance for many companies of all sizes. Our Network Optimizer tool can help you quickly assess how your company and consumers could benefit.” says Andreas.

By simply stating where your current distribution center is, the markets you ship to, and your annual order volumes, our tool will send you an instant snapshot that estimates how much more quickly you could reach your customers.

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