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Enhanced Supply Chain Decision-Making 

The physical environment is optimised utilising data from our Warehouse and Transport Management Systems (WMS and TMS). Software-based optimisation tools are the workhorses that ensure the data collected can be turned into actionable insights that enhance decision-making.

Data Collection
  • Multiple inputs – devices, robots, sensor
  • Centralised into WMS/TMS
Algorithmic Analysis
  • Data reviewed to derive insights
  • Objective to optimise tasks and resources
Data Driven Decision-Making
  • Route optimisation
  • Where best to place inventory in the warehouse
  • Defining transport routes

Track and Monitor Assets Using Sensors (Internet of Things)

Knowing, at any point in time, where a certain product is in the supply chain, and what condition is it in, is critical for many industry sectors. For example, the assurance that a vaccine has remained at the correct temperature throughout the entire supply chain is vital, along with information about exactly when the shipment is going to arrive.

Data-driven planning and decision-making for today, tomorrow and next year

Data leads to insights and allows for informed decision-making. By having insight into all the different items on an order, knowing how many employees are available and how many robots are active, a resource footprint can be fixed for the most efficient utilisation. Data-driven plans could also be time-based – ensuring utilisation of the right mix of resources to fulfill orders as fast as possible.

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