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With the DHL Pall service, you can easily send goods loaded onto EUR pallets within Sweden. You decide yourself whether you want to have daily, flexible or scheduled pick-up; we then transport the pallet all the way to your consignee's door the very next day*. With DHL Pall you can fully track and trace your pallet, and you can trace it the entire way during the transport. Did you know that you also can affect the environmental footprint simply by the way you pack your pallet? By making EUR pallets stackable, the effective utilization space in the lorry increases and thereby the environmental impact of your pallet decreases. Here you can see how to make your pallet stackable.

*variations in delivery times can occur depending on the distance or during weekends and holidays. Check our time table here

Good to Know Before You Start Sending DHL Pall

What is a stackable pallet?

A pallet that can be placed on top of other is called stackable. In order for it to be considered stackable, the pallet needs to satisfy the following requirements:

  • It must have an even horizontal top surface in order to be able to stack another pallet on top
  • It must be sufficiently stable in order to allow another EUR pallet of the same weight to be placed on top during transport
  • The goods must be well packed in order to withstand the transport intact, as well as be fixed in place and rest stably on the pallet. Here is a tip: Use straps, shrink-wrap or the like to hold the goods in place on the pallet

Not only does the stacking of pallets on top of each other benefit the environment, as the filling rate in the lorries increases, it also gives you a better price on your transport.

Not sure whether your EUR pallet is stackable? Send us a picture of your goods and our experts will help you. Send your picture here  

What's the difference between whole and half pallets?

A EUR pallet is a pallet with different standard dimensions depending on whether it is a whole pallet or a half pallet. The difference between whole pallets and half pallets is explained below.

What is Whole Pallett?

EU full pallet maximum measures 120 x 80 x 220 cm

  • Maximum weight 800 kg
  • Send 1-3 EUR full pallets in the same shipment
  • Can be combined with half pallet at same shipment

What is Half Pallett?

EU half pallet maixmum measures 60 x 80 x 150 cm

  • Maximum weight 400 kg
  • Send 1-6 EUR half pallets in the same shipment.
  • Can also be combined with whole pallets in the same shipment

Additional Services

Maximise your deliveries with our optional services

  • SKICKA GRÖNT and reduce the climate impact of transport
  • DHL Insurance
  • Guaranteed Service (G7, G10 or G12)
  • Pre-advice by driver
  • Delivery monitoring

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