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With DHL Stycke service, you can ship everything from pallets with different dimensions, boxes, cartons, cages, long goods etc. DHL Stycke is thereby a flexible shipping service where you can choose to combine different types of pieces in the same shipment. As the consignor of DHL stycke shipments, you decide which day or days the goods are to be picked up, i.e. if the goods are to be picked up daily or only on certain weekdays. After collecting your groupage, we handle the transport all the way to the consignee’s door – on the next day*. All groupage is sent via one or more of our 25 terminals around Sweden. At the terminals, the goods are scanned, which means that you can easily track your shipment at all times – full traceability all the way to the consignee.


Good to know before you start shipping with DHL Stycke

What is groupage?

Groupage can be everything from small parcels, long pipes, pallets with uneven surfaces, tires on pallets etc. The limitations are few when you ship goods with DHL Stycke. Are you unsure if it is groupage that you are shipping? Submit a picture of your goods and our experts will help you.

Facts about DHL Stycke

  • Maximum weight per shipment: 2,500 kg
  • Maximum weight per piece: 1,000 kg
  • Maximum height: 220 cm
  • Maximum width: 240 cm
  • Maximum lenght per piece:
    - A piece that weighs less than 50 kg can have a max length of 599 cm
    - A piece that weighs 50 kg or more can have a max length of 299 cm
  • Pick-up and delivery between 07:00-17:00 on weekdays (excluding bank holidays)
  • Maximum volume per shipment: 8,92m3
  • Maximum volume per piece: 3,57m3
  • Loading meter per shipment: 1,28
  • Loading meter per piece: 0,51

What does it cost to ship with DHL Stycke?

The shipping price will differ depending on the type of goods you ship, and between which locations. We therefore have two different digital tools that help you calculate the shipping price. One tool is for existing customers with an existing agreement and one is for you who haven’t yet become a customer.

Calculate Price

For more information regarding DHL Freights services, please see our Product Specific- and General Terms and Conditions as well as NSAB 2015.

Additional Services

Maximise your deliveries with our optional services

  • SKICKA GRÖNT and reduce the climate impact of transport
  • DHL Insurance
  • Priority delivery (PRE7, PRE10 or PRE12)
  • Pre-advice by driver
  • Delivery monitoring

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* Deviations in delivery time may occur depending on distance or holidays. See lead times here.