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Success Story

When you’ve got the WOW factor!

In a world where retail stores compete with – and often lose out to – the online world, WOW Concept has created an innovative retail space over eight floors in Madrid, Spain, as a project that runs like a work of theatre where elements constantly change.

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The brands sold by the WOW Concept marketplace are chosen for the story they tell, spanning clothing, accessories, consumer tech, beauty and wellbeing. Over 200 companies have been selected for representation.

The project brings innovation to a new level, blurring the digital and physical worlds in what the firm terms a ‘phygital’ experience. The in-person experience is immersive and experiential.

For WOW Concept, it is essential that e-commerce customers buying from the WOW Concept online store have a similarly impressive and memorable experience.

Customer Challenge

  • This ambitious start-up needed a rapid set-up with a logistics partner.
  • The experience of end consumers needed to match the company’s high-end brand values. 

Our Solution

  • Extensive network, with high-tech solutions and a team with know-how.
  • Cutting-edge provider who can meet demanding deliveries timescales.

Customer Benefits

  • Solution can be rolled out beyond Spain with ease.
  • Relationship with pioneering fulfillment solution, allowing WOW Concept to continue to innovate.

A high-end fulfillment partnership

For a start-up with huge ambitions, a key priority for WOW Concept was to get on board quickly with a fulfillment provider that offers more than just a service – acting instead as a trusted advisor and partner.

A fulfillment network with centers strategically located close to main urban areas and parcel delivery and collection points is also tactically important for WOW Concept, allowing them to reach end comsumers seamlessly.

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Technology: a key factor

Any logistics provider can do their best to deliver, but the differentiator when dealing with the fast-paced and growing world of e-commerce is often the technology that a supply chain company can offer. To match their innovative business model, leading supply chain technologies such as data analysis, robotics, IoT, API and other innovations appealed to WOW Concept.

Rapid solution: from set-up to customer delivery

WOW Concept chose the DHL Fulfillment Network to partner with, impressed by the rapid set-up that took less than two months. On launch, they benefited straight away from the technology, know-how and network of DHL Fulfillment Network, who receive, store and pick and pack orders, as well as shipping them to the end consumer.

Being able to manage and prepare orders and plan distribution routes has a significant impact on the quality of the e-commerce service, allowing WOW Concept to meet increasingly demanding delivery timescales

With DHL, they are in safe hands on this journey.

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Broader horizons

WOW Concept operates in Spain currently, but they have their sights set on cross-border growth. A fulfillment network that is built on a group of centers right across Europe – and beyond – is a great strategic choice: growth in sales can be matched by flexible and international options, allowing WOW Concept to easily maximize their potential, by using the DHL Fulfillment Network to expand their offering with ease.

The DHL Fulfillment Network is also seeking to stay ahead of the curve on sustainability, with DHL aiming to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050, an ambition particularly valued by WOW Concept. The operation is managed from DHL’s highly efficient center in Ontígola, Toledo. This site, which offers 33,000m2 of storage, is GoGreen and LEED certified and enjoys renewable energy from sources such as PV panels, uses LED lighting and offers EV charging points.

Being at the leading edge remains important to both companies.

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