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Reach for the stars with a strategic logistics partnership

Hypergrowth. A phenomenon that some companies find themselves living through on the back of the ongoing global e-commerce boom. An amazing opportunity, but one not without its challenges, especially when your customers are clamoring for more, and your competitors are snapping at your heels.

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Rising to the substantial challenge

Companies finding themselves in this enviable situation require an immediate solution to keep their deliveries running smoothly, both swiftly and reliably – but they also need a partner who can help them envision the bigger picture. “We often hear that companies like this are hitting a ‘capacity ceiling’, where gaps in their logistics capabilities begin to hinder their growth,” says Katleen Verbiest, Global Account Director, DHL Supply Chain. ”So, we established a ‘Rising Stars’ team to specifically assist them. We help them take the next steps, and also plan for the significant leaps to come in their journey.”

Consider a global nutrition brand experiencing explosive European growth. By analyzing their sales data from the prior three months, we proved that strategically spreading out stock across multiple locations (satellites), including a “mothership” in Germany, could cut average delivery times from 2.7 to 1.7 days. Domestic shipments rose from 48% to 78%, reducing cost and elevating customer satisfaction. Not only did this finding greatly interest the company’s Head of Logistics, but their Sales and Marketing lead was also thrilled, immediately recognizing how this would lead to fewer customer service calls, and a reduction in lost customers.

Example of a global nutrition brand that is growing explosively in Europe

2.7 to 1.7 days

Average delivery times are reduced

48% to 78%

Growth in domestic shipments

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Logistics partnerships: a starring role in successful growth

A company experiencing significant growth, often cross-regional, deserves to work with a logistics company that is not merely a service provider but a true partner. This partnership should be built on a strong foundation of logistics expertise and deep market insights, and be underpinned by trust.

Furthermore, it should be dynamic because growth implies change. It must address current needs while staying ahead of the game and anticipating tomorrow’s needs. This may involve potential shifts like adding or streamlining stock lines, expanding into uncharted territories or fine-tuning shipment methods. Implementing these changes is far from easy, nor is it comfortable. Transformation, by it’s nature, is never easy. In these transformative moments, having a strategic partner who not only facilitates the broader vision but also provides support through these challenging times – someone you can trust and who can open new doors – is undoubtedly a catalyst for success. 

The DHL Fulfillment Network offers flexible and scalable e-commerce fulfillment for all its customers, not just the Rising Stars. Swift onboarding, seamless integration with carriers and webshops, end-to-end visibility, and streamlined returns are vital for companies to thrive during hypergrowth while continuing to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction.

A platform for ongoing evolution

For Rising Star customers, a growth plan and a strategic vision are drawn up, ensuring their e-commerce fulfillment is not the only aspect that is taken care of. A dedicated team at DHL considers their mid- and long-term needs, which may encompass a combination of different approaches such as dedicated warehouses, air and sea transport, and last-mile express delivery.

With a single point of contact, who nurtures the relationship over the months and years, these customers can really thrive, gaining access to best-in-class logistics across all regions. Furthermore, they can do so with a strong focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), which is a increasingly significant concern for consumers.

“The word ‘value’ is often used in business, but for the Rising Stars team, it’s more than just a word. It’s part of our DNA. We work right alongside our partners, offering consultancy and collaboration, even providing answers for scenarios they may not have considered yet. E-commerce fulfilment is often just the start of this journey,” Katleen concludes. 

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