15 Logistics Tips for your E-commerce Business this Peak Season

Vivien Christel Vella
Vivien Christel Vella
2 min read
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The busy holiday season is here, so we've gathered insights from our DHL Express experts to help your e-commerce logistics manage the rush. Read on for our top 10 peak season logistics tips… 


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1. Communicate with your supply chain partners

“Work with a trusted logistics partner and communicate often – let them in on your marketing strategy and product roadmap so that all parties can prepare for spikes in volume throughout the peak." - Rachel McGarry, Head of E-commerce, DHL Express US

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2. Remember, customers are for life, not just for peak season

Invest in the customer experience during the holiday season and they’ll come back again and again. To drive customer retention through logistics, invest in fast, transparent shipping, user-friendly interfaces, and personalized services. Satisfied customers are more likely to return and recommend your business, ensuring long-term success.

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3. Know that first impressions count

“DHL on your home page will have a positive impact on conversions if the customer is purchasing on site for the first time.” - Ben Mclean, Head of E-commerce UAE, DHL Express

4. Tap into AI

AI innovations are transforming logistics processes in every industry. From better inventory management to last-mile delivery optimization, discover how it can enhance your business processes this peak season, with our exclusive report on AI and last-mile delivery.

Read the report
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5. Free shipping will always be a big incentive for customers

Offering free shipping remains a powerful customer incentive. In fact, a consumer survey by Gartner(1) found that free shipping will be one of the top drivers in influencing a purchasing decision this holiday season. Look at where you can offset costs within your business for a worthwhile investment.

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6. Think internationally

“I get asked how to enter new markets easily and profitably. I recommend using a trusted partner like DHL to share tools and local insights that enable confident market entry.” - Rachel McGarry, Head of E-commerce, DHL Express US

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7. Be transparent with your customers about delivery deadlines

“During peak season, it is all about clear and open communication with your customers. There is no bigger disappointment than a late delivery after the holiday, so be transparent about which date you can guarantee the delivery by.” - Leendert Van Delft, VP Global Sales Programs, Development & Global E-commerce, DHL Express

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8. Make the last mile convenient for customers

“I advise merchants to prioritize the delivery experience so that their customer acquisition strategy delivers repeat customers.” - Rachel McGarry, Head of E-commerce, DHL Express US. With On Demand Delivery, your customers can choose exactly when and where their orders are delivered. Offering this at your online checkout is sure to boost your conversion rate.

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9. Be prepared that what goes out, might come back

Returns are a big pain for online retailers, but offering a simple and free returns policy is a huge incentive for customers to shop with your business. An e-commerce reverse logistics strategy will help you process product returns in a sustainable way.

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10. Choose a trusted logistics partner – like DHL

The courier is often the only physical touchpoint your customers have with your brand so choose carefully. Speed and international expertise should be top priorities to ensure your business meets its customer promises. “We continue to be the most reliable logistics partner globally. Our transit times are best-in-class in every market.” - Franz Haase, Quality Control Center Director EU, DHL Express

With a DHL Express Business Account, you’ll receive dedicated support from the international experts to help you manage the peak season rush.