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2019: The Year in Preview


2019: The Year in Preview

What do we predict will happen in 2019? Whatever the history books end up recording, there’s one absolute certainty: enterprising people will find new ways to make things and sell them, to wherever in the world there is demand.

Nobody is better placed than DHL to take a global overview. So, here are some worldwide trends in both developed and developing countries, that should suggest a few highly promising areas for ambitious entrepreneurs and e-commerce businesses to explore in the coming months.

The emergence of banking services in remote areas of developing countries, enabled by smartphone technology rather than big banks, will open up a host of markets that were previously avoided by e-commerce.  Packaging will become the most important way for brands to physically introduce themselves, as bricks-and-mortar stores give way almost entirely to e-commerce. Huge changes in the working lives of citizens in the developed world will create opportunities to market to them with a different, more caring tone. And digital media will carry on changing the world, offering new opportunities for consumers to investigate whether brands are really worth their loyalty. 

Read about this and more in 2019 – the Year in Preview.

James Rose
James Rose Discover Lead Writer

2019: The year in preview

Get to know these cultural trends forecasted for 2019, so you can prepare and capitalize on your business over the next 12 months.

2019: The year in preview
2019: The year in preview

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