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DHL Express Business Account Offers More Than Just Global Shipping

DHL Express Business Account Offers More Than Just Global Shipping

Time Saver

Experience expedited deliveries with our global network of 330+ aircraft, traveling between 22 air hubs and 500+ airports across 220 countries daily.

Cost Saver

Get the best discount you deserve. Enjoy exclusive business account rates, tailored to your shipping volume.

Effort Saver

Simplify delivery and elevate customer experience with DHL value added tools, like On Demand Delivery services – allow customer to choose their preferred delivery time and location.

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Are you a personal shipper?

Ship instantly with credit card and enjoy exclusive discount

Are you a personal shipper?

Ship instantly with credit card and enjoy exclusive discount

‘*Promotional Discount based on shipment volume and profile provided. Effective date of rate discount will be provided via email confirmation by DHL Express to the email contact provided through the form submission. Should the shipment volume change, DHL Express may adjust rate discount upon thirty (30) days written notice. Discount based on DHL Express Time Definite product offering. “Services are subject to DHL's terms and conditions as published at and/or as communicated on the waybill of the country of origin.


You can open a DHL account by following these 3 steps:

  1. Submit a request via account opening form
  2. Provide supporting documents required
  3. Account will be opened in 2 days

After submitting the account open request, DHL officer will get in touch to verify your business information and brief you on the next step. It takes about 3 days for your account to be ready.

Having a DHL account is beneficial to businesses in several ways:

  1. Get personal support from a dedicated DHL officer.
  2. Pay monthly with various payment options
  3. Immediate access to a unified report covering all international shipping and payment activities
  4. Preferred rates determined by shipping volume
  5. Access to additional value-added services.
  6. Enjoy special activities and deals available only to account holders

Documents that can authenticate your business’s registration. First, determine the type of your business and then prepare the document following the below table:

Type of Business Submitting Legal Document
Sendirian Berhad (Sdn. Bhd.) Form 9 (Company Act, 1965 Boring 9) or Form 17 (Companies Act, 2016 Section 17). Form 13, if your company has undergone change of name.
Sole Proprietor Form D or Form E Business owner identification card copy (front and back) Utility bill, if current address is different from SSM registered address
Berhad (Bhd.) Local SSM document and LOFSA
Public Company Form 8
Government Owned or Linked Companies (hospital, KPMG, etc.) Form 5
Legal Firm Bar Council Registration Letter
Accounting Firm Professional certificate
Embassy, High Commission, NGO Letter of establishment or Letter of Appointment

3 days.

After submitting the open account request, DHL officer will reach out to you in a day to verify information and brief you on the document submission for account opening. Once you submitted all required documents, it takes about 2 days for your account to be ready for use.

Yes. There are no charges for opening a DHL business account.

To have a DHL business account, you must be SSM registered and have a shipping frequency of at least once every 3 months.

If you are shipping once every 4 months or less, MyDHL+ and DHL Express retail walk-in are two shipping solutions that suit you.

No registration is needed. You can skip the account processing time and send your shipment online via MyDHL+ or walk in to any DHL Express service point to send your shipment.

If you're shipping every month for business purposes, open a DHL business account. You will find having one is extremely useful in managing your international shipping and payment activities.