DHL GoGreen Solution

DHL GoGreen Solution

GoGreen Plus is a sustainability solution that provides DHL Express shippers a tangible avenue to significantly reduce (‘inset’) the carbon emissions associated to their shipments.

By offering the option to utilize sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) instead of traditional fuel for aircraft, our customers can reduce up to 30% of the carbon emissions linked with their shipments.

GoGreen Plus for Everyone

DHL Express Individual Shipper

DHL Express Business Account Holder

GoGreen Plus can be added to shipments via MyDHL+ simply by ticking the box marked GoGreen Plus under Optional Services when customers make their shipment booking. To ensure utmost flexibility, our dedicated team of certified international specialists will work closely with each business customer to tailor the percentage reduction that best suits their individual requirements and specific needs

Why GoGreen Plus?

Contributing to Better Future

By acting collectively to address global challenges, we can foster a sustainable future for present and future generations.

Compliance and Growth

With GoGreen Plus certification, you can access grant incentives and tax relief, and our carbon footprint report will reveal your business logistics’ environmental impact

Competitive Advantage

Gain a winning edge by appealing to the growing base of environmentally-aware consumers.

The Book and Claim Methodology

1. Book

DHL Express purchases sustainable fuel (SAF) from supplier

2. Supply

SAF goes into a tank at an airport

3. Delivery

SAF goes into an aircraft

4. Claim

DHL Express claims the environmental benefits and pass them on to customers

The Differences Between Carbon Insetting and Carbon Offsetting

There are 2 types of decarbonization – carbon insetting and carbon offsetting.

Carbon offsetting is a scheme that companies implement to compensate for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that have already occurred; whereas carbon insetting refers to activities that companies undertake to decarbonize their own supply chain operations.

Insetting is recognized as a carbon reduction measure by the Science Based Target initiative.

It enables you to contribute towards achieving the global carbon reduction goal by directly reducing emissions associated with your business' operations throughout the supply chain. This approach is more effective than relying solely on carbon offsetting, as offsetting alone does not effectively address the root cause, and its uptake.

How SAF reduces carbon emission in GoGreen Plus programme

GoGreen Initiative Workshop

To have a better understanding on our GoGreen initiative, you may watch this webinar conducted by DHL team which covers everything about GoGreen Plus.

Refer to this sustainability reference material while watching the webinar to have a good understanding about this intricate topic.

GoGreen Customer Stories

Wellous Group Limited, an Asia-based international nutrition company was DHL Express’s first customer to enter into an agreement to use GoGreen Plus service in Asia Pacific.

This agreement supports Wellous' sustainability goal to reduce the carbon emissions of its international shipments by 10 % year-on-year.

Royal Selangor, the world's largest pewter maker, joined DHL Express' GoGreen Plus programme in July 2023, making them the second member of this program.

Through the agreement, Royal Selangor is set to reduce the carbon emissions of its international e-commerce shipments by 20%.

GoGreen Initiatives

DHL Express Malaysia has deployed 6 electrical vehicles in October 2022.

We are looking to add 55 more to our fleet in 2023.

This is “Alice”.

DHL has ordered 12 fully electric Alice eCargo planes from Eviation in year 2021, making us the pioneer in this initiative.

GoGreen Plus Commonly Asked Questions

Is GoGreenPlus only available on MyDHL+

For individual shippers, MyDHL+ is the exclusive shipping tool that allows you to select the GoGreen Plus solution.

If you’re a DHL business account holder, you can also add this to your customers’ rate cards via OMS/COMET by selecting ‘GoGreenPlus-Basic Model’.

Is there a cost difference between offsetting and insetting?

Yes, insetting comes at a greater cost due to the limited availability of SAF supply.
But your customers will have the price of insetting clearly proposed to them if they select GoGreen Plus option on MyDHL+.
The price for GoGreenPlus on a contracted level is £0.30/kg.

Is the GoGreen service for Contracted (EA) customers still offsetting?

Yes, your customers have the option to include GoGreen Plus to their rate cards by adding it via OMS/COMET.

If a customer has already selected GoGreen Plus on MyDHL+, do they have the flexibility to transition to the contracted service?

They can. To do so, you may follow the normal procedure.

However, it is important to make your customers aware that it is very likely insetting and SAF will be the future of DHL’s Green product offering across both ad-hoc and contracted customers.

Can GoGreen Plus customers still get a carbon reporting?

Yes. GoGreen Plus customers can get a certificate early 2024 showing how much carbon has been reduced.

Is DHL currently using Sustainable Aviation Fuel?

Yes, we already have SAF in use in San Francisco, East Midlands, Amsterdam and Malpensa.

Will GoGreenPlus be on the label?

Yes, the GoGreen Plus logo will appear on the shipping labels if selected on GoGreen Plus.

If a customer pays for GoGreen Plus, is it a guarantee their shipment
will be sent on a plane powered by SAF-blended fuel?

It is not guaranteed as currently we only have the ability to use SAF at EMA, Amsterdam, San Francisco and Malpensa at the moment.

But under Book & Claim, a specific quantity of SAF can be ‘booked’ in one location and then ‘claimed’ at another location.

Via this acknowledged Book & Claim methodology, we can offer GoGreen Plus from any location in the world, irrespective of where we purchase SAF.