Track It Your Way

For real-time shipment status or proof of delivery, all three 3 methods are available for you 24/7.

Quick check on the real-time status of your shipment by just keying in the tracking number here.

What you should know
  1. DHL Express shipment’s tracking numbers are 10 digits
  2. DHL shipment with 16 digits tracking number (e.g. 71234567891234 ) belong to DHL eCommerce. For inquiries, contact DHL eCommerce at +603-2779 2300.

Download DHL Express Mobile to track your shipment and access to DHL support through phone, anytime.

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What you should know
  1. Download the app, then tap the top-left menu button.
  2. Select ‘Track shipments’
  3. Enter your DHL Express 10 digits tracking number
  4. Click ‘Track’

Send us your shipment tracking number on WhatsApp at any hour.

WhatsApp Support

Chat with DHL Express support agents on social channel of your choice.


Our customer service are available 24/7 at this contact to assist you with all your DHL Express shipment queries.

Toll Free

1 800 888 388

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+603 7964 2800

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What is Tracking Number

Tracking online is the fastest way to check the delivery status of your shipment. No login is needed, and the status updates are live.

Following are the 4 other ways for tracking - in-app tracking, DHL Express social media, DHL Express WhatsApp support, or a phone call:

  1. DHL Express Mobile app enables instant access to the DHL shipment tracker. You can set up a shipment Download the app (IOS | Google) to get started.
  2. DHL Express Official social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, offer live customer service support 24/7. Send us a direct message to track your shipment.
  3. DHL Express WhatsApp. Send us a text at +60162994433 on WhatsApp to track your shipment.
  4. DHL Express Call line. If you prefer to call us to check your shipment's status, you can reach us at 1 800 888 388 or +603 7964 2800.

DHL tracking number can be understood as a shipment ID (identification) which is a unique to shipment for movement progress tracking and shipment history tracing.

It is sometimes known as a waybill number, consignment note number, shipment reference number, or tracking ID.

Different entity of DHL will have different format of tracking number. For example, DHL Express tracking number is made up of 10 numerical digits (e.g 1234577890) whereas DHL eCommerce tracking number consists of 16 digits (e.g. 71234567891234 ).

If you’re shipping locally or expecting a shipment from a local seller or local eCommerce platform like Shopee and Lazada, most likely your shipment is handled by DHL eCommerce.

DHL eCommerce tracking ID is made up of 16 numerical digits (e.g. 71234567891234 ).

However, if you’re using DHL Express exclusive domestic service, the tracking number will be a string of 10 numerical digits code (e.g 1234577890)

They are the same. DHL waybill number and tracking number is the same string of 10 numerical digits code (e.g 1234577890) you can find on your shipment label or shipment confirmation notification.  

Aside from these 2 terms, consignment note number, tracking ID, tracking reference, shipment reference number, or tracking code are some of the terms that hold the same meaning.  

You can find DHL tracking number on the shipment label stick on your shipment, on the digital copy air prepared by the shipper, or on the shipment confirmation notification. 

On your shipment label, or sometimes known as airway bill, the tracking number is located right under the first barcode. 

What is Tracking Status

DHL status updates provide detailed information on the progress of your shipment as it moves through the logistics network.

Each status has a specific meaning and may indicate if any action is required from you. Here's a guide to understanding these statuses.

The consignee is the person or entity that is receiving the arranged shipment.

In DHL tracking status, "third-party service" refers to an external delivery or logistics company that DHL partners with to handle certain parts of the shipping process. 

When your DHL tracking status mentions a third-party service, it typically means that the shipment is in the custody of one of these partners for a segment of its journey.

No, DHL's system cannot show the real-time tracking status of a shipment once it has been passed to a third-party service.

However, you can obtain the tracking number generated by the third-party courier from DHL to continue tracking your shipment.

How to Track DHL Shipment

If you’re using DHL Express, you can track your shipment online right away, through DHL hotline call, or through DHL social chat (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp) with the 10 numerical digits tracking number on your waybill. 

You can track your DHL eCommerce shipment online instantly or contact the DHL eCommerce customer service for assistance. 

Track it online.

Enter the 10 numerical digits tracking number and click search. You will get a full view of the checkpoints your shipment has crossed and its current status. 

No, you cannot track a DHL shipment by name alone.

DHL tracking requires a tracking number, which is a unique 10 numerical digits assigned to each shipment.

This number is provided when the shipment is created and is used to track the shipment through the DHL system.

If you have lost your tracking number, you can try the following options:

  1. Look for DHL shipment confirmation email in your mailbox.
  2. Get the tracking number from senders
  3. Check shipment history in your DHL Account.
  4. Contact DHL sustomer service.

You can track by reference.

To do this, you need to input the exact reference you used at the time of shipment creation (e.g mug & plate).

Shipment handled by another DHL entity, such as DHL eCommerce, or a third-party courier.

How to Contact DHL for Tracking

You can chat with us on social media, call us at our hotline, or track your shipment instantly online