DHL Tracking Status Explained: What They Mean and What to Do

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When you send a shipment through DHL or are waiting for a delivery from DHL Express, you can track your shipment online anytime. 

DHL promptly updates your package's status with every new milestone it reaches.

Most statuses simply serve as an informational update to keep you informed and do not require any action on your part.

However, there are critical statuses, such as 'Shipment On Hold,' that require your immediate action to facilitate the shipment's progression. 

Familiarizing yourself with every DHL tracking status enables you to take proactive steps to expedite your shipment or quickly resolve any delays to ensure smooth and timely delivery.

  1. Informational status: no action required
  2. Notification status: non-mandatory actions available to expedite shipment process
  3. Alert status: Urgent actions required from shipper or receiver to proceed 

Informational Status - No Action Required

If you see this status on DHL delivery tracking page, know that no action is required. Your shipment is progressing smoothly between countries and checkpoints, according to its planned route towards its final destination.

Shipment StatusMeaning
Shipment Information ReceivedA shipment has been created in the DHL Express system, and a unique 10-digit waybill number has been generated for it.
Supplementary Information has been Received and Merged with Applicable Shipment DataAdditional shipment information has been added to an existing shipment in the DHL Express system.
Arrived At Sort FacilityThe shipment has reached DHL Express's sorting center from the location indicated in the previous status update.
You will encounter this status multiple times throughout your shipment's journey, and each appearance signifies a different stage of progress.
Departed FacilityShipment is dispatched and departed from the previous indicated location to the next.
Clearance Processing CompleteShipment has successfully cleared by the customs of the destination country
Transfer ThroughShipment is going through DHL gateway in the location indicated
Arrived at Delivery FacilityShipment arrives at the DHL delivery facility of the destination country.
Shipment is Out with Courier for DeliveryShipment has collected by a designated DHL Express courier and is heading to its final destination.
DeliveredShipment has been successfully delivered to consignee
Payment is Received and Recorded for Shipment Related FeesThe fees imposed on the shipment have been received by DHL
Scheduled to Depart on the Next Planned MovementThe shipment is currently at DHL gateway but is scheduled to be loaded onto a future flight

Notification Status - Optional Actions Available

These statuses indicate that your shipment reach key checkpoints. Some proactive actions are available now, for you to expedite the subsequent stages of the shipping process, such as custom clearance.

Shipment StatusMeaningNon-Mandatory Actions
Shipment Picked UpShipment has successfully picked up by DHL Express courier.


Send necessary paperwork, such as the airway bill and invoice to the receiver.


Get ready all the necessary paperwork for shipment clearance.

Broker Has Been Notified to Arrange ClearanceShipment has arrived at the destination country and a notification has been sent to custom broker to clear the shipment.


Inform receiver to contact broker.


Liaise directly with broker for clearance update and arrangment of last mile delivery. 

Processed For ClearanceShipment has been checked, and all required documents have been reviewed by customs.

Shipper or Receiver:

Check clearance status with our local customs clearance agent.

Shipment will be Cleared and Delivered by BrokerShipment is awaiting to be cleared and delivered by the broker appointed by importer.


Check shipment clearance and delivery status with appointed broker.

Scheduled for DeliveryThe shipment has reached a DHL facility in the destination country, and the delivery has been scheduled by either DHL or a third party.

Shipper or Receiver:

Verify agreed delivery date  with the local DHL customer service. 

Delivery has been Arranged through a Third-Party Service. Delivery Details are not ExpectedA third party has taken over the last mile of the shipment journey. There is no need for the shipper or recipient to take any further action or provide additional details.


Get the new tracking number generated by the 3rd party service to check delivery status. 

Alert Status - Immediate Attention Required

If you receive any of these DHL statuses, you should get in touch with your local DHL customer service immediately to clarify your shipment's status and find out the necessary actions required for your shipment to resume its movement.

Shipment StatusWhat does it meanUrgent Actions Needed from Shipper or Receiver
Awaiting Collection by ConsigneeThe shipment has arrived in the destination country and is awaiting pickup by the consignee in person.


Contact the local DHL to check pick up time or arrange for self pick up through DHL On Demand Delivery (ODD) website.

Shipment is On HoldThe shipment has reached a standstill at one of the checkpoints in its route to the recipient.


Contact the local DHL customer service to find out why shipment is held. Follow their instruction to resume the shipment movement. 

Delivery Attempt Could Not be CompletedThe delivery was not successful.


Contact the local DHL customer service to find out why shipment is held. Follow their instruction to resume the shipment movement. 

Delivery attempted but no response at Consignee addressDelivery was made but no one was at the recipient’s address to collect the shipment.

Shipper or Receiver:

Contact the local DHL customer service.

Returned to ShipperThe shipment is returning to the original sender for reasons like customs issues, consignee rejection, or payment problems.

Shipper or Receiver:

Contact the local DHL customer service.

Further Consignee Information NeededThe shipment requires further recipient information to continue its progress.


Contact local DHL to clarify the documents necessary for the shipment to continue its movement.

On Hold Awaiting for Payment of Shipment Related FeesShipment is being held up due to unpaid shipment fees (e.g import duties and taxes).


Contact local DHL to confirm pending duty and make payment to resume shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your DHL tracking status isn't changing, it could be due to processing delays, customs clearance, status update delays, or other operational issues.

You can wait a bit longer for the status to update, or you can contact DHL directly to inquire about the status of your shipment.

If your DHL tracking stays the same for more than 3 days, you should contact DHL right away to check on your shipment.

In DHL, the tracking status provides updates on the progress of your delivery and the current location of your package

It also prompts you to take appropriate action to expedite or resume the movement of the shipment. 

For example, if you see "shipment on hold", you should contact DHL immediately. 

You can track your shipment online to view its status or contact DHL Express customer service.