DHL On-Demand Delivery

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Last-mile delivery challenges can cause frustration for both shippers and recipients. To address this, DHL Express introduced On-Demand Delivery (ODD), an innovative solution aimed at improving the reliability and efficiency of our shipping services.

What is On-Demand Delivery?

On-Demand Delivery (ODD) is a convenient service provided by DHL Express that gives customers full control over their package delivery. Through ODD, both shippers and receivers can modify incoming shipments to suit their needs. 

With 6 alternative options available, customers can customize when and where their order will be delivered, ensuring a seamless and flexible experience.

1. Change Delivery Date

Receivers can reschedule their delivery date and time within 7 calendar days after the originally scheduled delivery. This option offers flexibility for those with varying schedules.

2. Leave with Neighbour, Concierge, or Guard

Receivers can nominate a trusted neighbour, concierge, or guard to receive their shipment on their behalf when they are not available. This option ensures safe delivery, especially for those who are frequently away from home.

3. Deliver to Alternate Address

Receivers can have their shipments sent to a different address, such as their office, within the same country on a specific date. This allows them to manage deliveries during address changes or avoid the hassle of redirects.

4. Leave in Safe Place

Receivers can authorize DHL to leave their package at a specified location within their delivery address without requiring a signature. This enables a contactless delivery experience that ensures hygiene and safety.

5. Collect from Service Point or Locker

Recipients can pick up their shipments from a nearby DHL Service Point or Locker, providing flexibility and control over when they retrieve their packages. This option is beneficial for those who prefer self-collection or need enhanced security.

6. Vacation Hold

Recipients can postpone delivery for up to 30 days while they are away, ensuring their package is safely held until they return.

DHL On Demand Delivery Options

How do I use On-Demand Delivery (ODD)?

To use ODD, you must have a DHL Express shipment created by the shipper. Once you have the waybill number and receive an SMS or email notification with the estimated delivery date, you can proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Registration

To register for ODD, click on the link provided in the shipment notification SMS or email.

Alternatively, you can download the DHL Express mobile app and register through the app:

IOS version or Android version

Once you have chosen your preferred channel, fill in your mobile number and email address, and complete the passcode authentication. Then, provide your name and address to confirm registration.

Step 2: Delivery Option Selection

Enter your waybill number to track your shipment.

Then, you can choose one of the options that you want to request.

Note that some options may not be available due to the shipper's request or outstanding charges.

Step 3: Request Confirmation

After submitting your request for a delivery option change, you will receive a confirmation via SMS or email.

The DHL Express operations team will be notified of your requested delivery instructions and will execute the change accordingly.

Your shipment will be delivered to you based on the specified delivery option.

Additional Information:

If you have multiple requests, you can select up to three delivery options separately. 

For example:

  • Request 1: Select the option to choose an alternate delivery address. 

  • Request 2: Select the option to leave the package in a safe place.

Request 3: Select the option to change the delivery date to a different day.

How to use DHL Express On-Demand Delivery

Setting delivery preferences:

You have the option to set up your delivery preferences for future shipments with DHL Express. By doing this, your shipments will be delivered according to the priority you have set. 

Step 1: Click on "Add Delivery Preference"

Step 2: Choose your preferred Delivery option

It is only restricted to the following 3 options:

  • Leave in a Safe Place

  • Leave with a Neighbour, Concierge, or Guard

  • Service Point or Locker

Step 3: Add more than one preference

This is in case the default is not available for certain shipments the limitations set by the shipper.

What are the benefits of On-Demand Delivery?

With On-Demand Delivery, businesses have a unique opportunity to elevate their customers' experience and set themselves apart in a competitive market.

  • Enhance Competitiveness: Providing a variety of delivery options through ODD enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage. Customers increasingly prefer retailers that offer fast, convenient, and transparent delivery services.

  • Optimize Delivery Efficiency: Flexible delivery options help reduce failed deliveries and related costs. It also contributes to environmental sustainability by minimizing carbon emissions through successful first-attempt deliveries.

  • Expand Your Customer Base: ODD service is available for international shipments. This enables SMEs to offer flexibility to customers in cross-border markets.

  • Enhance Tracking Capabilities: Businesses can track shipments 24/7 in real-time with ODD. This advanced tracking capability allows you to know the exact estimated time of arrival (ETA) and promptly inform customers if there are any delays.